How to Have the Perfect Slumber Party

How to Have the Perfect Slumber Party

Slumber parties have been around forever. I can clearly remember the first one I was invited to when I was in the sixth grade. I slept very little and immediately crashed into my bed when I got home! My older daughter wanted a slumber party for her ninth birthday, and I reluctantly agreed. With a set of eighteen month old twins, it was going to be a challenge, especially since we were having sixteen girls. I know that it was an insane amount to invite, but I felt guilty over the enormous amount of time her younger twin siblings took away from her, especially since she had been an only child for over seven years. If she wanted every single friend to attend, then she could have them over!

Ten years later, her younger sister wanted a slumber party. Initially, I told her no, I was too old and tired for that kind of party. Then my big mouthed daughter told her that she had had one! Of course, I had to acquiesce…but with limitations. She had a ten girl limit, not including herself. She invited eleven (we just couldn’t leave this one child out!) and three could not come.

The party was so successful, that her friends asked her if she could do this again next year!

Here are the plans and my step-by-step directions on how I created the perfect slumber party for my daughter.

How to have the perfect slumber party-crafts, games, food and more

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My Plan of Attack

I used my twenty-six years as a teacher and my five years as a Girl Scout leader to create the sleepover party of my daughter’s dreams. The first thing I did was create a “Slumber Party Ideas” board on Pinterest to collect my ideas.When I found what I had needed, my daughter and I explored each link and bookmarked all of the things she wanted to do. Some games ideas we had to nix, as a friend of hers had done some of them at a recent birthday party. Other activities we could not do because they were not practical for the mid-November party date, as it got dark early.

We finally selected games to play, activities so the girls would create their own party favors, the menu and the movie we were going to show. Now it was time to get organized! Because the girls were going to create their own lip gloss and bath fizzies, we needed to make sure the recipes we selected worked.  There is nothing worse than an epic fail in front of nine fifth grade girls, one of whom was my daughter!  Once we had that part of the evening under control, we needed to plan the games, the movie and the menu.

What Are You Serving?

I like to have parties after dinner so I save money and there is less to clean up.  On your invitation, clearly state what you will be serving, as some families eat late and a 7:00 start time means dinner time to them.

How to Make Kool Aid Lip Gloss

The first activity of the night!

After I read the ground rules for the night, I gathered the girls around the kitchen table. Then it was time for the first party activity.

Here is what you need:

Two 13 ounce jars of Vaseline

One packet Cherry and one packet Grape Kool Aid (or choose your own flavor)






Plastic knives

Paper towels

Containers for the lip gloss

Wipes for hands

Each girl was given her two containers that had her initials on the lid and on the bottom. My daughter put one spoonful of Vaseline in and then she passed it around and each girl did the same. As I prepared the rest as per the video, I had them repeat the process with a second bowl.

When it was all mixed together, the girls took a spoon and put it into the container and smoothed it flat with the plastic knife. With two bowls going around and three girls sharing a bowl, it went by quickly. The girls used the paper towels to wipe down the containers and the wipes to degrease their hands!

What You Need to Make Kool Aid Lip Gloss

Make up jars set of 12 for your Kool Aid lip gloss

Set of 12 make up containers from Amazon

While you can buy the ingredients you need at the supermarket or big box retail store, finding the right size jar to put your lip gloss might send you on a wild goose chase. You want one that is small enough to put inside a purse or pencil case.These jars work! Before the party, put circle dot stickers on both the top and bottom and in Sharpie, write each girls initials. That way they can be easily identified.

Kool Aid Lip Gloss Tutorial

This was, by far, the most successful activity of the night. The girls liked the grape flavor, but LOVED the cherry one! I did not include a lipstick, as it was unnecessary, in my opinion. Ours came out fine!


How to Make Homemade Bath Fizzies

The second sleepover activity!

I prepped the fizzie mixture in advance to save time. Here is what you need for this slumber party activity:Ingredients for bath bombs (see video below)


Plain white paper plates with the girls name written on them

Wax paper cut into rectangles to place on top of plates

I had the girls hold out their hands and used a one teaspoon scoop to put the mixture in them, They formed it into a ball and then placed it on the wax paper. I repeated it and there was enough for each girl to make two.We left these on the table to dry and now it was time for our next party of the slumber party-games!

What You Need to Make Homemade Bath Fizzies

If you enjoyed making your own bath fizzies, then these ingredients will help you make them for any occasion. They can be used many times and are a very good investment.If you are unsure of how many plastic ornaments to buy, figure out how many girls you have and then buy one for every three. That way they are not waiting too long for their turn. No one needs their own unless you wish to give them out as a party favor so the girls can make their own at home.

Bath bomb mold for your slumber party activities

Bath Bomb mold has many other uses as well. You can find it here.

The YouTube Tutorial and Recipe We Used

The recipe includes essential oils and food coloring. I omitted both, as I did not know if any of the girls had skin or fragrance allergies. It worked fine!I used a small scoop since the girls did not need to make ones this large.

The recipe comes right at the end, so no need to write it down as you watch it.

Organization is Key!

In order to keep the girls actively engaged and prevent drama, keep them busy, busy, busy!  Do the prep work in advance and label everything! Be sure when the girls come into your home to put their shoes in one area, so the overtired child can find them and leave in the morning without any tears.  I have been to too many sleepovers where shoes were lost! Buy yourself your favorite cup of coffee and put your feet up when it is over.  You deserve it!

Slumber Party Games That Bring Out the Giggles!

Three games were planned for the festivities. We decided on The M&M Game, which we found online…my daughter wanted dessert flavored Skittles instead. This is a simple game that the girls enjoyed playing. My daughter put 30 Skittles in a bag so each girl started with the same amount. They put them on paper plates and each had a clear plastic cup and a straw (not the bendy kind).I set the timer for 60 seconds, and they had to suck the Skittle up and then deposit it into the cup. It was hilarious! We repeated the game with 30 seconds and 15 seconds. Afterwards, the girls got to eat their game pieces.

After they chatted, we went down the our finished basement to play The Marshmallow Toss Game. In advance, I had prepared two marshmallows per girl by cutting and wrapping about an arm’s length of yarn and tying it to the marshmallow.To play the game, one girl held the marshmallow and tossed it with the string until the other girl caught it in her mouth. Then they got a new marshmallow and the other girl swung it towards her until she caught it. The girls loved this edible game that a friend of mine created when we were Room Moms together.

Last, I recruited my husband, who was hiding away in our bedroom away from the gaggle of girls, to hold one end of a stick so the girls could play Limbo.

When the games were done, it was time for cake. I baked a yellow one from scratch and my daughter decorated it with pink icing and M&M’s. It was three layers, and it was topped by a tiara for my princess. Along with this I served a “make your own sundae bar” with lots of toppings. I was in charge of whipped cream distribution, as I know what can happen when kids get a hold of the container! For beverages, I served pony waters-easy and refreshing!

Popcorn time for your sleepover party! Label each cup so the girls know which one is theirs.

Movie Time

After cake, it was about ten o’clock and time for winding down. As the girls changed into their pajamas, I made popcorn and put out other salty snacks, as they already had lots of sweet ones.I left them on the table with paper plates and pony waters and I gave the girls a warning…do not over eat! At many of this group’s slumber parties, someone had gotten sick to their stomach. That was not happening at my house!I mentioned that they could refill at any time and I had plenty of food, so not to gorge themselves.

Fortunately, no one overate!

As the girls watched the movie, I packed their goody bags that I labeled in advance. I removed the lip gloss from the refrigerator, put the bath fizzies in plastic bags and wrote “Air Dry” on them, and added candy and glow sticks. I stapled them shut and placed them in the shoe area where the girls would have to spot them no matter how tired they were in the morning! Then I set the dining room table for breakfast, which included homemade muffins, bagels, milk, juice and water.

Inflatable Air Mattresses Help When There is Not Enough Couch Space for Everyone

When it was time for the movies, we wanted the girls to be comfortable, as it was going to be later in the evening and past everyone’s normal bedtimes. Because of how our furniture is situated, only five girls could have a comfortable view of the big screen television.We decided to use the two inflatable air beds that we own and have used for backyard camping. The two fit perfectly on the floor, and the girls used their own pillows to lift up their heads. It was the most popular spot to view the film, and they all wanted to be lying there!

air matress

We own two of these and use them for so many occasions! You can find it on Amazon.

This is an easy to inflate and easy to store item to have.  It will work for smaller slumber parties and no one will have to sleep on the floor!  Two girls fit comfortably on one, but they squeezed three!

Classic Family Movies

There are many wonderful movies that children may not have seen, simply because their family does not own them. I have many VHS tapes of classic Disney and family films that my children have enjoyed for years.Some of the films on this list may be ones you want to show at your daughter’s slumber party. You won’t find them in Red Box or On Demand, so many of the guest probably have not seen these before. And if they have, they are all worth watching again and again!

Freaky Friday

Yours, Mine and Ours

Home Alone

Angels in the Outfield

Disney’s Recess

The Doug Movie

Before the Lights Go Out

Once the movie was over, it was time to go into the basement and be on their own. Games like these helped pass the time in a productive way. They were especially helpful in bringing together the two groups of friends my daughter invited-those from our synagogue and those from her regular school. They really enjoyed them! Quiet activities that the girls can do on their own are important, as there comes a point where you want to go to bed!

Sleepover party Mad Libs are perfect for your daughter's slumber party.

Available on Amazon


This set of questions will break the ice and make everyone comfortable with each other.  The Sleepover Party Game is for three or more players ages 8 and up. It has over 200 activities to keep the girls giggling and productively occupied without electronics.

The Sleepover Party Game has over 200 activities for tweens to play. It is for three or more players ages 8 and up. You can find it on Amazon.

Pick up was easy since all shoes and party favors were in one place. The girls just had to go to the spot I had placed everything and gather their belongings. Everyone was tired but a great time was had by all!



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