I Dream of Jeannie Halloween Costumes

I Dream of Jeannie Halloween Costumes

When I was a little girl growing up in Queens, New York, my friends and I would play lots of pretend games based on our favorite television characters.  One of our favorite shows was I Dream of Jeannie, which aired in reruns on WPIX channel 11.

As an adult, it is not difficult to see why my girlfriends and I were fascinated by Jeannie.  First of all, Barbara Eden was just drop dead gorgeous. She was like a living Barbie doll!  The billowy costume she wore as Jeannie was the prettiest shade of pink, a girly favorite!

Her home inside her bottle was so cool. Lots of pink pillows made it look really groovy, especially compared to the beige and orange walls I had in the bedroom that I shared with my brother.

Jeannie also had a child-like quality to her.  She was so naïve about the world Larry Hagman (Major Tony Nelson) brings her into.  It was like we could relate to her on some level, since were only children and did not have the adult savvy we would eventually earn through the years.

And of course, there was the magic.  Who wouldn’t have wanted to fold you hands, blink your eyes, and make things you want appear?  Or even make things you did not want around disappear?  My friends and I would go around doing that in our pretend play, although nothing ever did change for real-only in our imaginations.

Back then there was no I Dream of Jeannie costume for little girls.  If there had been one, I certainly would have begged for it! That is no longer the case, as both adults and children can buy costumes that are just like the ones worn on the classic 1960’s hit comedy.

The Television Series

I Dream of Jeannie premiered on NBC in September 1965.  Major Anthony Nelson crashes his space ship on a deserted island.  He finds a bottle, rubs it and out comes Jeannie, who has been trapped for 2,000 years.  He wishes to be rescued, and she grants him this wish. Although Major Nelson sets her free, she stows away in her bottle and goes home with him.

Over the next five seasons, her one sided relationship of Jeannie being love with Tony is finally reciprocated and at the end, they are married.

Surprisingly, one of the biggest controversies on the show was not two unmarried people living together (remember, this was the mid 1960’s), but Barbara Eden’s navel. Censors demanded it not be shown.

Barbara Eden did not have the charmed life that Jeannie seemed to lead.  In her autobiography, which is told with candor, Barbara talks about her five decades in show business, as well as life’s bitter trials, which included the accidental death of her only living child.  There are also many behind the scenes photos and stories about what took place on the set of I Dream of Jeannie. This book is for true Jeannie fans.

I Dream of Jeannie Costumes and Accessories

The I Dream of Jeannie Costume I Dreamed of Owning

Here is it, the Adult I Dream of Jeannie Costume  that I pined for as a child. The entire costume as you see it, including the veil and headpiece, comes with this ensemble. It is available in sizes up to 12 and can be preordered so you are guaranteed the size that you need.. The top is short and the pantaloons are sheer. This costume is destined to be a winner!

I Dream of jeannie Halloween costume for women comes in all sizes.

Available from Amazon

To complete your outfit, add a pair of gold shoes!

Jeannie Costume for Girls

Here is a modest I Dream of jeannie costume for girls that offers coverage.

This costume is an exact replica of the adult one, except it is much more modest.  The pants are not sheer and the top is longer so very little belly is showing.  It comes in infant and toddler sizes.

Genie Bottle

Of course, one needs to have the pretty purple genie bottle where Jeannie lived until she was called out by Major Nelson.

I Dream of Jeannie bottle for your costume

Available on Amazon

This is an inflatable bottle, so it will not weigh you down at the party or while trick or treating.  It is 17 inches tall.

Major Anthony Nelson Costume

He found her on the beach and took her home. While he did not always know what to do with her, Major Anthony Nelson eventually fell in love with Jeannie and made her his wife. Of course, he always had problems trying to hide her magical powers from everyone, and he did succeed in keeping this part of their lives under wraps. If you want to go as a couple from the television show, then this costume would be perfect for a Major Nelson fan.

Major Anthony Nelson Halloween costume

Available on Amazon

This jumpsuit comes with everything you see here, including the Anthony Nelson badge. It comes in seven different sizes, from SMall to 3XL.

This pairing would make a wonderful couples costume this upcoming Halloween season.

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