Increase Independence: Button Hook and Zipper Pullers

Increase Independence: Button Hook and Zipper Pullers

Daily, thousands of people need help performing tasks that others take for granted. Assistive devices (products and tools) like these button hook and zipper pullers can make a world of difference. There are so many simple, everyday, movements and activities that most of us take for granted. But if you (or someone you know) suddenly can’t take care of your most basic needs, it affects your quality of life, and independence.

my button hook and zipper pull

One of the worst fears of seniors is not being able to care for themselves. Independent living, traveling, and staying in our own homes is important. However either age, or a medical condition, can affect how we are able to care for ourselves. But there are solutions for many situations, including dressing oneself. Buttoning a shirt, or zipping a pair of jeans was impossible for me until my occupational therapist gave me this handy tool.

A Button hook helps increase independence for seniors

Are you looking for a solution to help you get dressed? I have not been able to wear my jeans since my accident because I couldn’t button them. Zipping them was a maybe at best, (because I can’t use my left hand) but buttoning was impossible. I mentioned my frustration to my OT, and she showed me this tool. I actually laughed at how simple this device is.

Who Would Benefit From These Assistive Devices:  Button and Zipper Pullers?

People that have problems with:

  • Arthritis
  • A hard time grasping
  • Joint pain
  • Poor Dexterity
  • Range of motion
  • Lack of Coordination
  • Carpel Tunnel
  • Upper extremity disability


Grip Handle Button Hook and Zipper Puller

I had to practice a bit, but once I got the hang of looping the buttons and twisting them just right, it was pretty easy. Now I am one step closer to being able to return to independent living. I also think this would make a great gift for seniors that have trouble dressing. I know I am very happy with mine!

Buying Tips for a Button Hook and Zipper Puller

There are a few different models to choose from but from what I’ve learned there are 2 things that are the most important to consider. Look for one that has a strong wire to hook the buttons. Some of them are very thin, and could break (come off the handle). If this happens, put the wire back in and add a few drops of super glue.

The other thing to look for is a handle that is easy to grip, and long enough for the person it’s intended for. It won’t do a man much good if the handle is too small for him to grasp.

Living independently with most disabilities is possible with help from assistive devices, and support.  So, if you know someone that has trouble getting dressed, do check out the Button Hooks and Zipper Pulls.  This is the other one I would recommend Easy Grip Zipper Pull and Button Hook as it has a good handle and the wire is big enough for most buttons.

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Baby Boomer that was getting ready to live the RV lifestyle until I shattered my arm in the summer of 2013. Since that time I have been told umpteen times that I have a "very bad injury" and continue doing exercises, trying to get function, range of motion, and use of my arm and hand. This is my life right now, so this is what I will be writing about, and recommending some of the better products I have used, or am using right now.


  • This button puller doesn’t work with my jeans. So disappointed. If you know of a larger one, please let me know. Thanks!

  • The button hooks are a great idea and I know some elderly relatives who I am sure would benefit from a tool like that. Devices like this are great for helping people to help themselves better. Another common problem I’m aware of is with trying to put socks on. My husband has arthritis and struggles with one leg in particular which is very awkward with pulling on socks.


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