Indoor Lights for Halloween

Indoor Lights for Halloween

Not so long ago, you could only get indoor lights for Christmas trees, but now most seasons offer imaginative and quirky ways to lighten up your indoor living space.  When decorating for Halloween, I love to add some lighting that fits in with the spooky theme, such as these spider tea light holders, which you can get on Amazon. I don’t even like spiders, but I do like these glass tea light holders, as they’re really quite cute:

Spider Tea Light

Spider Tea Light

Halloween Spider Tea Light Candle holders, Set of 3

The good thing about tea lights is that they don’t burn for more than a couple of hours or so, so if you’re forgetful at least they won’t be left burning all night!

If you’re a crafty person, on the other hand, you may want to make a table decoration using foraged fall leaves and other vegetation, a pumpkin maybe, and candles.  I find that a pumpkin you’ve carved yourself creates a real spooky atmosphere if you turn out the overhead electric light:

Jack o lantern and lights

Jack o lantern and lights by Petr Kratochvil

But bear in mind when bringing foraged vegetation into the house that it might be a haven for insects, so do inspect it carefully. Some small critters go into hibernation at this time of year and the warmth of your house might revive them.  Depending on how you feel about our six or eight-legged friends, you might get a more authentic scare than you bargained for!

And of course, you need to take great care if combining natural light sources such as candles and tea lights with inflammable items like leaves, especially if hosting a children’s Halloween party. In such instances, you might be better off using artificial candles such as the ones pictured below. This set of 6 inch and 7.5 inch tall plastic candles give the attractive effect of flame without the associated risks. They are powered by three AA batteries, which give a flicker effect:

Replacement plastic LED candles
Flamless Halloween Candles, Set of 3, Battery Operated

Plastic ones can be quite effective, especially the more elaborate ones that have a moving plastic flame that lights up.  I have one with that arrangement, though I should point out that the quiet whirr of the mechanism can be a bit distracting if there isn’t other sound in the room to mask it.

If you feel that plastic candles do not quite do the job, then there are also artificial wax candles available.  These have a wax shell with a battery powered inner mechanism, and provide the best of both worlds.  Some even have a scent.  I have some of these myself and they have a nice, natural looking glow, plus a slight smell of vanilla.  Here are a couple you might like:

3 Pack of Ivory Flameless Pillar Candles with Remote and Timer

The candle set pictured above consists of three candles of different sizes: 3 “x 4″, 3″ x 5″, and 3″ x 6”, with a remote control to switch them on/off, and incorporates a timer feature.  They can also be set to flicker or non-flicker, and include a brightness adjustment, so you can dim them if you wish. Each candle uses three AAA batteries, which are included.

Finally, you can also get some really good stringed LED lights nowadays, and there are many to choose from. These are similar to some I have, which give the effect of lit stained glass, although I have separate sets with pumpkin faces and ghosts, rather than combining the two together:

Set of 2 Halloween Themed Battery Operated String Lights with 10 LEDs – Ghost and Pumpkin

However you choose to celebrate it, I hope you have a safe and happy All Hallows Eve.

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