Inflatable Water Slides for Big Kids

Inflatable Water Slides for Big Kids

For many parents, summer vacation means freedom-you are released from having a set and regulated schedule. The alarm does not go off and you have to get the kids on the bus or drop them off to school by a certain time. With so many children are involved in multiple after-school activities, the only time they see the inside of their house is when they go to bed at night. Parents barely sit and talk with their offspring simply because they are never together for more than a few minutes at a time.

When summer break rolls around, parents delight in having time just to hang out and not have to be anywhere at a given time. The stress levels decrease as sleeping in, lazy mornings and no homework, lessons or practices become the normal way of living.

However, that loving time can be short-lived if there is nothing fun to do outdoors in the summer sun. If your kids are bickering because they are bored, it will put a damper on the relaxed mood you are in. You want to have fun with your kids, but realistically, there is also laundry, housework and other things that have to get done that do not change just because the calendar says July and August.

You can take your children on day trips to prevent boredom, but that can get expensive if you are out at water parks, amusement parks, mini golfing, and the movies several times a week. If you ask your children’s friends to join you, the cost soars even higher, as you have to pay for your guests’ tickets and food.

Plus, on incredibly hot and humid days, do you really want to leave the cool air conditioned house for an extended period of time?

One of the best solutions to summer boredom is to have an inflatable water slide for your kids in your backyard. Children love sliding, they love water, and they love hanging out with their friends. You can sit outdoors under a shady tree while they play and leave you alone. For a one time investment, your children can have hours of fun without you ever having to leave the house. Since children need to be supervised while they are on any equipment that involves water, both parents and children win. They play, you sit and watch and everybody is happy!

Bottom line, outdoor water slides are a one time expense that, if cared for properly, will give you years of backyard fun. Make sure it is air dried properly before storing away to prevent mold.

There are different styles of inflatable slides, so you have to see which one would fit best in your yard and your budget.

Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park

The Blast Zone has 4.5 star ratings by consumers who have purchased this for their family. Meant for children ages 3 and up, this item measures 18”L x 8’Hx11’W and can accommodate up to 6 children at a time.

The children climb up on the back on a climbing wall and are instantly sprayed with water when they reach the top by the two sprinklers that sit on top. They slide down into a shallow pool area, where someone on the bottom can be waiting with a large water cannon that sprays water.

Everything you need is included for easy set up and storage, even the blower! It inflates in a minute so your kids can play almost as soon as you get it out of the box.

Dual Slides by Blast Zone

This water slide has so many benefits! First, all of the things your kids can play on are in full view. The climbing wall is in the center, so you can see everyone and prevent any issues of cutting in line. There are two slides, so kids can get on twice as fast. Children can have lots of races going up and down and tire themselves out in the summer sun.

Children climb up the winding wall and are immediately sprayed when they reach the top by a single sprayer. They slide down into the water and climb right back up again…and since they land in the water and the climber is in the middle, no grass is tracked into the pool! This saves time for clean-up as multiple kids plus grass equals a messy water area.

Another added bonus is that the pool area is so large it doubles as a backyard wading pool for younger children. Once they tire of climbing, they can grab some water toys and sit and play.

Dual Sides can also be inflated both indoors and out and used without water when the weather is not cooperating.

Inflatable Bounce House and Water Slide Wet or Dry Playstation

This inflatable is two childhood favorites in one! First, there is the ball pit where children can roll around and throw balls safely at each other. Then there is the water slide and water cannon to cool off your kids on a hot summer day. This piece of equipment can be used with and without water, making this a backyard favorite throughout the different seasons , as well as one that can be used indoors as well.

It inflates in minutes and occupies children for hours. When stored away correctly, it will last for many seasons.


Inflatable water slides for big kids offers hours of enjoyment right in your own home.


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