Keep Calm Mugs

Keep Calm Mugs

Keep Calm and Carry On – a motivational slogan from 1940s Britain and the dark days of World War II.  Now reborn as a motivational slogan and a style statement for the 21st century.  What’s more, a slogan that has so many possibilities, that the changes have been rung time and time again.  Simple, classic and stylish:  it makes a good decoration for a coffee mug.  There’s a personal variation to suit everyone and they make nice Christmas or Birthday gifts.  Here are just a few ideas to get you started. Firstly, the classic original with its eye-catching colour.  Just what you need to wake you up in the morning while you enjoy a relaxing cup of English Breakfast tea. This one sounds quite sturdy, has the original colour and looks a good size.

Keep Calm and Carry On mug KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON Mug Cup – 11 ounces

Sadly this one isn’t quite like the one on the UK Amazon website which to my mind is more practical for actually using in the garden: after all, an enamel one can’t topple off the wall where you set it down and smash. Do be careful though, they really retain the heat. The handle is fine, but the cup itself becomes very hot when you first pour hot water or tea into it, so you need to let it cool a little first before starting to drink. Anyway, here’s a china version with the same illustration:

Keep Calm Mugs-Keep Calm And Carry On Gardening Mug

And this one’s a nice one for coffee with its deep shade of brown. I have this myself, in a fine china, though sadly it came in a little cardboard box instead of this handy tin. Anyway, it’s still great to drink my morning cup of coffee from.

Keep Calm and Drink Coffee Ceramic Mug and Tin Set

There are many many others. So why not get one and sink into your Keep Calm and Carry On pillows or cushions to enjoy a nice relaxing cup of tea (or coffee)? And if you want to know where it all started, here’s the history of the Keep Calm and Carry On slogan, and some information about Barter Books, the bookshop which bought a box of books at auction that contained one of the rare original posters, and first popularised the slogan.

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