Kitty Approved: Kuranda USA Cat Tower Beds

Kitty Approved: Kuranda USA Cat Tower Beds

PVC Cat Tower Beds by Kuranda USA

A cat bed tower by Kuranda is cat furniture you can count on to last your kitty (or multiple cats) for years. It’s made of quality materials by a Annapolis, Maryland, USA company that has specialized in pet beds since 1987.   For cat owners tired of cleaning and picking up frayed bits of furry cat beds, Kuranda rocks with this strong and easy-maintenance PVC and vinyl design.

No wonder the practical and comfortable Kuranda cat bed towersare so often on the “wish list” of animal shelters.  It’s what this American company does – and it shows in their attention to detail and long-lasting durability, backed by a one-year warranty.

Just watch the young cats at the Monmouth County Animal Shelter in New Jersey, USA, with their new Kuranda Cat Towers!

Modular: Pick a Custom Size

With a sturdy PVC frame and a vinyl bed design that’s suspended in hammock fashion, Kuranda USA’s durable, multi-level cat towers come in 9 sizes and three colors.  Easy to use, easy to clean, and adaptable to almost any size of room.

Sleek and hygienic, just like The Cat himself!

Compact Cat Towers for Singletons and Small Spaces

For the single-cat home or for a smaller living space, have a look at Kuranda’s one-, two-, and three-level cat furniture:

  • Single perch, like a simple raised bed with a PVC frame and vinyl hammock. This one is a good choice for outdoor use in patio season, or for helping your senior cat to be more comfortable by sleeping raised up off the hard drafty floor.
  • Two levels mean that Kitty can use the bottom shelf as a cosy cubby hole, or relax on the upper level to get a good view.
  • Three levels in a stepped design are fun for an active kitten to play in and around, exploring his environment. Of the smaller Kuranda tower beds, this one is my top pick. Its small footprint won’t take up much space, but it’s large enough to keep your cat’s interest with a choice of lounging spots.

Mid-Size Towers for Multi-Cat Homes

For a two-cat household, you’ll probably want to go for the four-level tower, at least – one cubby and one perch for each cat – though of course they’ll probably still bicker over who gets to be “king of the castle”!

Kuranda Cat Tower - Multi Tier - Almond PVC - Heavy Duty - ChewproofThe 5-level Kuranda cat tower, at 36 inches tall, is a perfect fit for the height of windows in many homes – and we know how much our cats love to lounge around in comfort indoors while keeping an eye on the neighborhood outside.

Kitties can play and climb around lower tiers, or lounge at windowsill level to keep an eye on those pesky squirrels.

When the entertainment is over, there are five sleeping spaces to choose from. If your cats are anything like ours, they will enjoy the way the lower levels feel like a cozy cubbyhole, especially if the tower is located to back onto a wall. Just the kind of place a cat likes to tuck in for a good long nap.

A Purrfectly Satisfied Cat

Black cat on Kuranda cat bed tower

Onyx by Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr

Onyx the relaxed black cat clearly enjoys his Kuranda Cat Tower.  In fact – check out those pointy little claws – you’d almost think he’s having a spa day, and right now just lounging about after a nice lunch of salmon and kibble, just waiting for his staff to come by and begin the manicure!

Super-Sized Cat Bed Towers for Shelter Cats and Spoiled Pets

Great easy-care cat towers for multi-cat households, breeders, cat boarding facitilies, and cat play rooms in animal shelters – when you get into six, seven, or eight levels of cat perch stacked up in offset levels, there’s a lot of fun to be had in between cat naps.

The biggest of all, the Super 9-Level Tall PVC Cat Tower, is  76 inches of cat-climbing fun.  See how the different tiers – each one a separate comfy cat bed or perch – are offset to make it a functional climbing frame, even for small or cautious cats.

Taller cat towers like this one work very well for homes with higher windows, such as many modern apartment buildings have, and where there are multiple cats in one home. Animal shelters can really use a couple of these big sturdy long-lasting cat towers for their feline guests’ play area.

Fun Cat Bed Picture Quiz

How many cats can you see in this photo?

17 cats in the  Lounging Lane by Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr

Can you find all 17 cats in this photo of the shelter’s Kuranda-equipped Lounging Lane? Photo by Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr

Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue says there are 17 cats in the photograph above of the “Lounging Lane” at their shelter. The lucky felines are lounging on and around the various Kuranda cat towers, obviously enjoying the kitty nap time!

17-catsDid you find all 17 cats in the photo?

The red circles on this copy of the picture are my “best guess” to where they’re hiding, in and around the cat bed towers, mats, crates and food bowls in the group lounging area.

Did you find them too?

If your local pet supplies store is not stocked with Kuranda USA furniture, not to worry – you can browse and buy the full range of sizes and colors on


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  • I enjoyed the “spot the cat” photo. I found 14 before I gave up and saw the answer. They are so incredibly good at hiding. These towers are great for only needing to take up a small amount of floor space.

    • Yes, and they’re pretty stable, too – not a bad feature when you’ve got multiple cats jumping around and playing on the towers, when they’re not curled up for a nap.

      I have to admit, it took me ages to find all of the cats in that photo, and even so I can’t swear my solution is totally accurate. Is it a shadow, or is it the head of a hiding cat? LOL


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