Knights and Dragons Birthday Party Decorations

Kids who really love Mike the Knight or the Medieval tales of King Arthur and children with a fascination for all things castles and legends should be totally wowed with a party based on a knights and dragons theme. This particular theme can give you lots of scope for all your party decorations and supplies and you can discover an excellent selection right on this page.

Many children will love dressing up for a start as their favorite knight or as a famous and legendary winged beast, straight out of their favorite fairy tale and adventure books. Dressing up for a party occasion is fun and you can use this idea as inspiration for some party games and crafts too – how about getting them to make up some simple paper masks or a knight’s sword and shield design. You can use this page as inspiration for your birthday event that you need to plan for. Get your battle armor on and we can take a look.

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Flying Dragon Spinner

Flying Dragon Spinner

It’s actually really difficult to find decorations which feature both dragons and knights together. That’s no problem because it is relatively easy to buy the two themes separately to ensure you have a mix of both at your party. Here’s some decorations that will enthrall and amuse young mythical beast slayers. I like this outdoor lawn decoration which is very fun for pointing the way to the celebration.

Medieval Whirls Hanging Decorations

Hanging Decorations

There are lots of fun castle and medieval themed party decorations. You could do up your entire event to look like it is a castle and then add some medieval elements into the mix. You could make your event look like a jousting field or a weapon armory. There are stacks of ideas you could use around your chosen celebratory theme.

Amazon have some great ideas for baking themed cakes and cupcakes. Think whether you would prefer to bake one big cake or lots of small cupcakes which are much easier to bake and decorate. Cupcakes require very little cooking experience because you can buy a packet mix and make that up or even cheat and buy ready-made cupcakes and just add themed toppers and wrappers for your party.

Creative Converting 8 Count Square Paper Dinner Plates, Medieval Prince Dragon

Party Plates with Knight and Dragon Design

Will your young dragon slayer guests be dining with knight themed plates or ones with a dragon theme? Both of these themes can be found on Amazon but you can also check your local eBay too.

At the end of a birthday event, it is customary to give away a little goody bag or some favors to guests who have attended. You could make something yourself for the guests to take home (like cupcakes or themed melted crayons) or you can buy some inexpensive items like plastic action figures and stickers in bulk and divide them up into bags. Another idea is to purchase just one item like a book (reading, activity or coloring book for kids) that fits with your party theme and makes a keepsake item to remind guests of the birthday they’ve attended.

You can buy some fun knight and dragon themed invitations from Zazzle. These invites can be customized with your choice of wording for your dragon slaying celebration. In most cases you’ll want to stick with the suggested text and just add in your own specific party details to let your guests know when and where this roaringly good party is taking place.

There is a great blue polka dot invite (not pictured) featuring the cute armored knight mounted on his white horse or steed looking across at the little green dragon he’s about to chase after. If my hand-picked suggestion is not what you’re looking for then I would recommend checking Zazzle for their full range of themed Knight Birthday Invitations.

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