Knights and Princess Kids Party Supplies

What a brilliant choice of theme a joint knight and princess birthday party celebration can make. Kids can really enjoy dressing up as brave Mike the Knights, little King Arthurs or even Peter and Edmund straight from the Chronicles of Narnia in their battle gear. Alternatively, they can put on their prettiest party dresses to transform into a Disney or fairy-tale princess for the day. You’ll find a fun selection of royal party supplies on this page which are available to purchase or even to just give you some neat ideas for this upcoming event.

Get some inspiration and ideas for party supplies and decorations that you can use to give this birthday theme a bit of wow factor. Celebrations for kids can be really magical with just a little bit of extra effort. It can give them something that they have only ever imagined in their dreams. Let’s charge straight into some brilliant gear.

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Hanging Medieval Whirls Medieval Knight Decorations

Hanging Swirl Decorations

I like the look of these hanging swirl decorations with a knight and shield theme. There is a fantastic range of medieval and castle themed party decorations, from simple hanging decor to elaborate arches that the children can walk underneath. For your own party event, you may need to decide whether your decor is going to be more knight and castle themed, more princess themed or an even split between the two.

It think on this occasion that it would be easier to decorate your event up like a royal or medieval castle and then you could have some party tables or areas in a knight theme and some in a princess theme. You could even divide a room into 2 areas, one which looks to be dressed up like a jousting area and the other where it looks as though the beautiful maidens are cheering on their armor clad heroes. There are tons of possibilities with this more medieval and fantasy style theme.

Castle Window Insta-View Party Accessory

Castle Window Scene for the Wall

Balloons can be used to decorate individual party tables or specific areas at your event for the little maidens to enjoy. You can also mix and match princess balloons easily with castle or knight themed ones and make mixed balloon bouquets. Think about whether you will be mixing the two themes together or keeping them very separate and confined to specific areas at your party location. I like the look of this royal castle wall decoration which seems like a great scene setter.

Wilton Enchanted Castle Pan

Enchanted Castle Cake Pan

Whether you want to make one big cake or have lots of little cupcakes for the party, there are lots of products that will make baking and presenting your birthday cakes much easier. If you go for one big cake, I’d suggest doing a large castle cake and I love the pretty princess one made above with the Wilton castle cake pan. This can suit the princess and knight theme very well and you can choose to decorate the completed cake in more of a neutral color scheme too – or make two cakes instead.

Cupcakes are really so much easier to bake, I think, and you can simply make half of them with the knights theme and half with the princess theme. There are tons of cupcake toppers and wrappers that will do most of the presentation for you. Simply present the cupcakes mixed up on one tiered stand or on two individual stands. Cookies are also easy bakes for your party and you can buy shaped cutters to work with your theme: crowns, tiaras, crests, armor, castles, stars and more.

You can get all your essential party supplies from one place or look at a range of specialist companies. I love these Medieval knight cups (not pictured) that you can get by Meri Meri. You can also get clear goblets and unusual looking beverage cups that have a Royal looking twist to them – kids might feel quite grown up drinking from them.

Meri Meri Im a Princess Garland

Meri Meri Princess Garland

Meri Meri do a gorgeous range of both princess party supplies, decorations and favors as well as knight themed ones. They are very cute looking and we’ve used their products because I love the quality for a child’s celebration. You can get an idea on the girl’s range above. This is for the hanging garland only but you can get plenty more items separately as well.

You can get joint princess and knight themed birthday invitations from Zazzle. They have duel invites which are perfect for when you’re hosting a party for two children like twins or a pair of play friends as well as invites for a single child who is having both male and female pals along. There are many cute royal castle invitations that come in a variety of options and can be customized with your own wording too. Just fill out the boxes where indicated with your own celebration details.

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