Weirdly Useful – A Blue Glowing LED Toilet Seat

Weirdly Useful – A Blue Glowing LED Toilet Seat

Guys always get the blame when there’s the odd splash and drip around the toilet, but who can be expected to aim perfectly in the dark?

Even worse if you wake up in the dead of night with an urgent message from your bladder – “Hey, bro, that was one beer too many!” – and you stumble to the lavatory half-asleep, only to be blinded by the glare of fluorescent megawatts on porcelain when you snap on the light.


The home improvement industry is all over your pesky man–in-dark-bathroom problem.

A glow-in-the-dark flush?

Not quite.

A toilet seat with dual LED nightlights!

One of the two LEDs is a “guiding light” to help you fumble your way to the right bathroom fixture without the need to turn on a light. Something like a weird blue glowing target for that one-person-shooter alien invasion game. Oh, sure, a nightlight plugged into the wall could do almost the same thing, i.e. give enough ambient light so you can find the flush without fully waking up – but it’s that second LED light makes all the difference.

The Kohler design team calls the second toilet seat LED a “task light” – which gives the concept of gooseneck a whole new meaning, if your mind tends to go for the potty jokes.  In this case of this weirdly genius toilet seat, your task light is an easy-on-the-eyes blue LED that shines softly to illuminate the inside of the toilet bowl, clearly showing you exactly where to aim your urgent stream. Activated when you lift the lid, of course.

The whole system runs on a couple of AA batteries that will last for about half a year, set to come on a dusk (you set it up) and stay on for seven hours each night. Also, the whole seat installs easily with the usual pegs at the back, and it pops off for easy cleaning, which is an essential feature in toilet seats these days, I am told.

Kohler Nightlight LED Toilet  Seat comparison in daylight and glowing at night

There you go – Kohler Nightlight toilet seats.  Finally, real practical gear to help us poor slobs go take a midnight whiz.  No more excuse for wetting the toilet seat and raising the ire of She Who Must Be Obeyed.


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  • That’s interesting. I have not heard of this until now. I can see where it could be very useful in the middle of the night!


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