Kristoff Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids and Adults

Kristoff Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids and Adults

Disney’s billion dollar smash movie, Frozen, has broken many box office records since its debut on Thanksgiving weekend 2013.  The main focus of the movie is the sisterly bond between the two sister, Princess Anna and her older sister, Princess Elsa, who shortly into the movie becomes the Queen of Arendelle.

Once as close as sisters could be, a tragic accident has their parents hiding Elsa away from the world so she cannot ever harm anyone again. This proves to be a grievous error, as this one event snowballs into a much more complicated one after Elsa accidentally puts her kingdom into a perpetual winter.

These two strong willed and independent women are the protagonists of the film, but there are also a few supporting male characters who help make the movie a success.  One of them is Kristoff, the ruggedly handsome ice chopper and mover who has been raised by a colony of trolls.  Sure, he is a bit of a fixer upper, but who isn’t?

He has an unusual relationship with his best friend, Sven, who has been his companion since childhood.

For those who are not in the know, Sven is a reindeer who is also a scene stealer. His facial expression are exactly what movie watchers are feeling.

Kristoff helps Anna on her quest to find Elsa, who has run away from Arendelle to seek solace on her own.  Over the course of the movie, he slowly falls in love with Anna, who is engaged to Hans(a man she met only a few hours earlier, and Kristoff is incredulous that she would marry someone who is virtually a stranger).

By the movie’s end, Anna is also in love with Kristoff, but it almost comes with the ultimate price, her life.

While there are many Elsa and Anna costumes to be bought for the female fans of Frozen, Disney has not yet put out a costume for Kristoff.  Boys enjoy this manly character and if they want to dress like him, here are a few accessories to create your own Kristoff costume.

Since the story takes place in winter, Kristoff is seen wearing layers of clothing to keep him warm.  This is perfect for Halloween, because many parts of the country are quite chilly at this time of year.

Kristoff Costume for Adults

Kids are not the only ones who have become besotted with this movie…adults have been as well.  As part of an Anna and Kristoff couples costume, here is one that is available in standard size.

Kristoff Halloween costume for adults

Available on Amazon

Kristoff Costume for Kids

At the present time, Disney has not created a Kristoff costume for boys.  However, you can create your own costume with these selected pieces. They are perfect for a child’s dress up box and can help create hours of endless imaginative play.

Kristoff Halloween Costume for boys comes in all sizes

Available on Amazon

This ready to wear Kristoff costume comes in sizes Small, Medium and Large. It includes the hat, the tunic and a pair of boot covers. Add your own blue pants or jeans for a costume that is sure to be a hit with you child.

Your boys will enjoy dressing as the rugged and funny Kristoff this Halloween!

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