Learning Effectively During Your PM Training

Learning Effectively During Your PM Training

PM training courses are hard, so it makes sense to have every possible skill under your belt to help you pass. Here we look at ways of increasing your ability to learn effectively.


When you take on project management training, knowing how to learn effectively is extremely important. memorising information and taking notes is one thing, but with such complex information and so many layers of it, you are going to need more learning skills than that if you want to absorb the information properly and become truly learning efficient.

Here are 5 ways to increase your learning efficiency:


  1. Be The Person Who Asks Questions


Be inquisitive and question everything. If you take things as they are and don’t bother asking questions about why they are how they are, you will never get a better understanding of them. The why is just as important as the what. Practise this in everyday life. When you read a general newspaper story or see a feature on TV, think about it and try to source further information about it. Being inquisitive is a fantastic habit for a project manager.


  1. Learn In Lots Of Different Ways


There are three main types of learning – auditory, visual and kinesthetic. The more you can combine your styles of learning, the more opportunity you are giving yourself to absorb the information given to you. Draw mental pictures, listen to the information via a podcast, rather than reading it from a textbook – be creative and be flexible in your learning style.


  1. Teach What You Have Just Learnt, To Another


Teach a friend what you have just learnt. This will help you explain it in your own words, identify any areas you may not have fully understood, and help cement the knowledge you have understood in your brain.


  1. Get Practical


Learning from textbooks, lectures, podcasts and videos are great ways to learn. However, there’s nothing quite like putting what you have learnt into practise. If you are already in a PM position but are adding some tools to your belt with project management training, or you’re in a job position that would enable you to practise some of your new skills – get practical. Seeing how the methodology you have just learnt works in practise, or even just trying out new methods of risk management or budgeting while you work (under mentorship of senior management or a mentor) will be greatly beneficial.


  1. Take Tests To Reinforce Information


There are many practise tests available for common project management exams. Take them as they will not only help you prepare and start learning how to manage your time during the exam, but they will help you reinforce the information you know.


Know When Your Are At Your Most Receptive To Learning

If you’re attending classes, you won’t have any choice in when you learn. However, if you are learning online or revising, you can identify when you are most receptive to learning. Perhaps you’re not a morning person and find you get a wind of energy later on in the day, or you have the most energy in the morning and find that it fades later on in the day. Identify when you learn best and organise your learning around those times.


You Can Do It!


Project management training is hard, but it is completely worth it. It can enable you to advance in your career opening many doors of opportunity, and it can also help you in your personal life as well by improving your organisation skills and your ability to stay motivated in everyday tasks. These courses are hard, so you owe it to yourself to give yourself every possible chance of passing by increasing the effectiveness of your learning as much as you can.

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