LEGO Batman Movie LEGO Sets

LEGO Batman Movie LEGO Sets

Holy Building Bricks, Batman! There is a new line of LEGO Batman Movie LEGO Sets based on the brand new film released on February 10th. A spin-off to the hit 2014 film, The Lego Movie, this computer generated animated film focuses on the superhero, Batman. In this film, Batman must save Gotham City from the antics of The Joker, all while trying to raise Dick Grayson, his ward. He becomes Robin,  The Boy Wonder, who is Batman’s new sidekick. Can Robin and Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s faithful butler, be able to have Batman think of anyone other than himself?

Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive for this new family film. The LEGO Batman Movie has the color and music that will entertain children, all while having jokes and spoofs that adults will understand and appreciate. As with most children’s movies, a line of merchandise has been released for kids to enjoy. Since this  the characters of the movie are LEGOs, it makes sense that a line of LEGO Batman Movie LEGO Sets have been released.

The Benefits of Playing With LEGOs

LEGOs have been around for decades. From the primary color sets to the pastel ones aimed at girls, they have been part of playrooms and preschool classrooms for generations. What makes this toy a standout that has never gone out of style?

First of all, it sparks a child’s imagination. As a mother and a preschool teacher, I have watched children take a pile of LEGOs and create one different building, town or playground after another. Each day children can take out the same container of shapes and make something totally different.

These towns, houses and highways that the children build are a gateway to imaginative role play. Sometimes the scenes are based on imaginary characters, while other times children take a familiar character and are inspired to take him or her on a totally new adventure.

LEGO Batman Movie The Joker Balloon Escape 70900 for children ages 6-12

LEGO Batman Movie The Joker Balloon Escape 70900 for Children ages 6-12 Available on Amazon

Another benefit is when a group of children have a container of LEGOs to share, it encourages them to work together. In turn, this fosters cooperative play and sharing. Children also have to negotiate where to put the different sized bricks and if someone does not agree, work out a compromise. This helps build verbal and communication skills.

Working with LEGOs is a fun way to build fine motor muscles. Those tiny pieces need to be picked up with the pincer grip, which is a precursor to holding a pencil. Putting the blocks together and taking them apart at clean up time is also another way to build small finger muscles.

Building spatial relations, an important pre-math skill, is another benefit to playing with LEGOS. For example, if a child runs out of rectangles, s/he can use two squares to fit the same space. Children do not need worksheets to learn mathematical concepts; they can figure this out on their own through trial and error while playing.  LEGOs also helps develop three dimensional thinking.

Last, children can experiment on their own and if a design does not work, it is no big deal. Children learn from their engineering mistakes and can fix them. There is no permanent harm done when a structure fall down because it is unbalanced. All a child has to do is start over or move a few pieces around.

LEGO BATMAN MOVIE Batcave Break-in 70909 Building Kit for ages 8-14.

LEGO BATMAN MOVIE Batcave Break-in 70909 Building Kit Available on Amazon

Do LEGO Sets Squelch Imagination?

There are some purists who believe that LEGO sets that have to be made into one particular thing are ruining the entire point of the toy. After all, if handing children a container of random pieces with which to build is creative, then a building set does just the opposite. A child is learning that there is only one way to build things.

In my opinion, LEGO sets that are made to be a particular kind of building or vehicle provides a different opportunity to learn. Following directions is a life skill. In order to complete any task in school or on the job, a series of steps must be completed to get to the finish line. LEGO building sets help with this skill. Some of the same learning takes place when pieces do not fit together, so children need to read the directions provided carefully. Patience, a skill that is difficult for children to learn, is also encouraged. It is easy to get frustrated and give up when the figure does not come out right. It is rare for anything to be invented or created to perfection the first time it is attempted. Children need to learn this.

The more difficult building sets is also a great opportunity for parents and children to work together. Parents can act as a “guide at the side” and help their child. It is quality time together.

The finished product can lead to imaginative play based on what was built. If you have a few from the same series of sets, a child can launch into a lot of role playing and reenacting of scenes, or a child can create new adventures on his or her own.

LEGO Batman Movie LEGO Sets

LEGO has come out with many different sets based on the new Batman movie. No matter which one you choose, it will provide you child (and you) with hours of play. You can choose from many different sets, like this one.

LEGO Batman Movie Catwoman Catcycle Chase 70902 for children ages 8-14.

LEGO Batman Movie Catwoman Catcycle Chase 70902 for Children ages 8-14 Available on Amazon

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