Cool Legos Technics Cars

Cool Legos Technics Cars

What makes Lego Technics so cool? well that is obvious, they are cool because they move, sometimes even on their own.

Lego Technics are a different style of lego based on a different construction technic that includes pins, beams and gears. The new construction style of Technics left the studded construction behind and moved to studless construction for a few years and have since added studded lego technics parts back into the sets.

Lego technic parts have also shown up in standard Lego sets and are also the same style of construction that is used for the Lego Mindstorms Range. The socket and pin style construction allows for more complex moving part. This helps to create much sturdier and durable models which are safer for the smaller kids who want to have a play as well.

Photos: By Thomo85 and Amazon.

Lego Technic Race Car Set.

Legos Technics

LEGO Technic Race Car: Set 42011


Why I First Bought Legos Technics.

I enjoy playing with lego, I have no shame, I easily admit it. This became a problem because my 18 month old son always wants to play with it as well, especially when I have finished building a cool car. I am just a little worried about letting him play with standard lego constructions due to the small parts that easily break off.

Lego Technic PartsLego Technic constructions will still have small parts that can come apart but they are a lot stronger and less likely to come apart. The sturdy construction style means that parts are usually locked together using  beams, pins, sockets and cross bars. This means the construction typically locks together quite well and actually requires a fair bit of finger strength and coordination to pull apart. This is something that smaller children often lack, in saying that I still only let him play with Lego Technic cars if I am watching.


The main reason I started building Lego technic sets was so that my son could play with them a bit more safely than standard Lego.




Little Kids And Lego!

Lego Technic Cars

This is exactly why I needed Lego sets that are a bit sturdier than standard studded lego sets. My little guy really enjoys pushing them around and moving all the moving parts such as the wheels, roll cage and steering wheels.

Addicted To Lego Technics.

Now that I have started building Legos Technics, I just want to build more and more. They are incredibly addictive and also a bit more exciting due to their moving parts. The two cars I bought for my son to play with were both pull back cars and really take off when released. The really great thing about Technics sets is that they are often adaptable and you can even buy special add ons. These add ons are usually motorised parts and other power driven functions parts that add life and self movement to your Technics sets. You can also get sets that come motorised and even remote control sets.

 Technic Pullback Off-Road Racer.

LEGO Technic Off-road Racer: Set 42010

Amazing Uses For Lego Technic Parts.

You can use the Lego Technics parts for custom projects and for customizing other lego designed sets. Most of the amazing contraptions like the ball machine are made with Lego Technic parts. You can check out the video link below for an incredibly complex and mindblowing Lego construction.

Great Lego Ball Contraption.


Let me know if you enjoy Lego Technics just as much as me and my Son.


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