Lucy Wilde Halloween Costume

Lucy Wilde Halloween Costume

On July 3rd, 2013, Illumination Entertainment premiered the long awaited sequel to Despicable Me. The movie, creatively titled Despicable Me 2, picks up where the the last movie ended. Gru, a former super villain, has changed his evil ways. Along with his three daughters, Margo, Edith and Agnes, he is living the life of a single suburban dad.

It isn’t always easy for Gru, as the girls are growing up and he does not want them to. Margo’s newfound interest in boys is driving him insane.

He still has his henchmen, the minions, working for him, just in a different capacity. Instead of creating evil plans to take over the world and steal things like the moon, he is using his creative juices to make a new line of jelly. Gru even has his sidekick, Dr. Nefario, working alongside him.

All of this comes to an end when Lucy Wilde comes to town. She is an agent with the Anti Villain League (AVL), and her mission is recruit him to find out who is making the serum that turns animals into undestroyable machines of destruction.

Just Who is Lucy Wilde?

As an agent for the Anti Villain League, Lucy had been on several missions before being assigned to Gru. She is cheerful and perky, but not in an annoying kind of way. She is a great balance for Gru, who most of the time, seems like a very unhappy character.

Lucy has many skills that make her a good secret agent. She uses her tools, like the Lipstick Taser, to capture her prey, or the Moose Tranquilizer dart gun to help Gru end a really bad first date with the obnoxious health nut, Shannon. She loves her job, and capturing Gru gave her quite a buzz, as he was a challenge to bring into the agency to meet her boss.

Lucy is quick-too quick in fact-to use her martial arts skills. This can be seen in the bakery scene of the movie, when Gru and she go undercover at the mall as the owners of “Bake My Day”.

Her X-ray glasses are used to help find the mutating serum that if not collected, will make whomever owns it the rulers of the world.

Create Your Own Lucy Wilde Costume

While there is no official Lucy Wilde costume, that does not mean that you cannot create one yourself! Despite being a secret agent on the hunt for criminals, Lucy dresses very feminine. No pants and flats for her! She is always seen wearing a long turquoise dress and heels.

Here are some dresses that are inspired by Lucy. They are all reasonably priced and come in a variety of sizes. You can even wear it to a formal occasion once Halloween is over! Click on each dress to see it in its full length version.

This dress can be part of a Lucy WIlde Halloween costume. After the holiday, it can be worn again for a fancy dinner or wedding!

This turquoise Lucy Wilde inspired dress can be found on Amazon, along with many others at different price points. You can find them here. 

 More Fun Facts About Lucy Wilde

There are many sides to Lucy Wilde. She is very ambitious, and sets her eyes on the prize. For example, Gru needed to come to a meeting of the Anti-Villain League, and when he would not cooperate, she stunned him with her lipstick taser and shoved him into the car. This was no easy feat, as Gru is a big guy and Lucy is a skinny woman with no visble muscle strength. She is built like a bean pole!

She also wants to advance in her career, and she is ambitious enough to volunteer for assignments. At times, she is also a bit too ambitious. For example, she has not problem giving out karate chops an entire tray of cupcakes and therefore covers Gru and his minions in them.

Red wig for a Lucy Wilde costume.


Lucy Inspired wig

In Depsicable Me 2, we are rooting for Lucy and Gru to get together. The audience figures out early on that she has a crush on him, as she becomes jealous when he is on a date with a beautiful blonde woman named Shannon. She shoots a moose tranquilizer at Shannon to prevent her from tearing Gru’s toupee of his head, thus saving him from intense embarassment. Gru becomes smitten with her, too, but he is too shy to ask her out on a date. His minions try to help him out with this, but he has many bad memories of failing at asking girls out that date back to his boyhood years. He lacks confidence with women, yet can set out to destroy the world with no qualms.

In the end, love conquers all and Lucy becomes Mrs. Gru and Agnes gets the mother she has been praying for.

This trenchcoat can be worn after Halloween. It is the perfect item for your Lucy Wilde costume!


Lucy inspired trench coat from Amazon. It is chic and can be worn after the holiday season is over! You can find it on Amazon.

Accessories Complete the Outfit

Just wearing a turquoise dress will not have you stand out as Lucy. She has very definitive accessories that completes her secret agent look. Here is what you need to finish your Agent Wilde look.

Lucy WIld Scarf is the perfect accessory!

Lucy wears a polka dot scarf with her dress. Lucy wears her matching sunglasses on top of her head for much of the movie. This is a great item to pair with the trench coat.

Completing your costume ensemble, you would need white wedge sandals, sunglasses and of course, a lipstick taser!

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