Mens Platinum Wedding Rings

Mens Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum is an extremely precious metal that is perfect for making sophisticated and durable men’s platinum wedding rings. That is exactly why Platinum is my favourite precious metal, I have a “thing” for quality. A platinum wedding ring has a pristine finish that is definitely something to be proud of. The clean, shiny white color of platinum wedding bands lens itself to any color and style of clothing. This means that your new platinum ring will not clash with clothing and accessories as the yellow color of gold will do. Platinum is a much harder metal than gold and other precious metals meaning it is a lot more durable and perfect for the working man.

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Discounted Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum wedding rings for men are a lot more expensive than gold rings, this is due mostly to the better qualities and rarity of platinum. As an expensive metal it is prudent to try and find the best possible deal for your platinum rings and there is no better place than Amazon for finding great deals.

Men’s Platinum Plain Wedding Band
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Why Is Platinum Superior To Gold

  1. Platinum is a much harder metal than gold, this means that it doesn’t need to be alloyed to make it strong enough to wear, Platinum wedding bands are at 90% – 95% pure compared to 18Karat gold which is only 75% pure.
  2. The clean white mirror finish of mens platinum wedding bands is suitable to wear with any color and style of clothing as it is a completely neutral color.
  3. Platinum is far more precious and rare than gold or the other common jewelry metals, making it a much better candidate to seal your wedding vows.
  4. Due to the Strength and hardness of mens platinum wedding rings they are a lot more suitable to the rough habits of men as the metal is a lot more durable than gold.

Platinum Mens Wedding Bands Also Come Textured.

Men’s Platinum Rings not only come plain, they can also be patterned and textured creating a look that shows true sophistication.

Alternate Satin and Glossy Mens Platinum Wedding Band.

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This is a really cool looking wedding ring. The look was achieved using a simple method of creating grooved line sections. The ring is finished glossy and then the grooved section is slightly etched to create the satin effect. The ring is flat instead of domed with squared edges it really provides a different look.

Platinum Wedding Ring with Satin Edges and Glossy Centre Groove.

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This ring is different from the normal and has been finished mostly in satin and then a glossy groove has been cut down the middle to create a really interesting look.

Platinum Wedding Band with Satin Finish and High Gloss Edges.

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The thing that makes this ring so awesome is how the rounded glossy edges really stand out either side of the satin finish that runs down the middle of the ring. The rounded gloss edges of the ring are separated from the satin section by small grooves.

Why Choose Platinum over Silver or White Gold?

Unlike Silver or White Gold, platinum is one of the hardest natural metals and will not wear out or tarnish. Silver and white gold are quite soft and scratch easily, silver also tarnishes and needs to be constantly maintained. Platinum is a timeless metal and will last maintain its color. White gold isn’t naturally white and has been alloyed with other metals to appear white. At the time of sale white gold is plated with rhodium to create the lovely white effect. This has to be continually re-plated as it will wear off, revealing the gold colour as it ages.

Platinum never wears down and will never lose or change its color, It is also 60 times rarer than gold, so for this reason alone it is worth using platinum for that once in a lifetime moment.

Prefer Yellow Gold?

gold wedding bands for men

If you prefer yellow gold or just don’t have the budget for a platinum ring then check out the link below.

Mens Gold Wedding Rings.




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