Merlin the Wizard Birthday Party Decorations

Looking to throw a magical Merlin the wizard themed party? Whether you are having a birthday party or a celebration for a fan of the super successful Sy Fy channel BBC hit show from England or whether you want a celebration based around the traditional sorcerer from the Arthurian legend – this page will provide you with a number of good ideas for suitable and fun themed decorations.

The legendary Merlin is the ultimate and most magnificent wizard – even better in my opinion than the other boy wonder called Harry Potter ( though I love his character too by the way) and he is definitely one sorcerer that time will never, ever forget. You should have great fun using this theme for a birthday or event because there is so much scope in terms of decorations, food, invitations and more. You can really have the most extraordinary event ever if you put your mind to it.

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Castle Window Insta-View Party Accessory

Castle View Decoration

Merlin was wizard to King Arthur so we can imagine a castle theme for at least some of your party decor. Castle views which look like you are really inside a stunning Medieval building and staring outside are pretty fun – just like this wall decoration here. You can even get a complete castle entrance too. Add in some of the sorcerer’s items like a spell book prop and some potion bottles which you could easily make yourself and you have a wonderful and magical party set.

How to Make a Spell Book Prop Tutorial

For other Arthurian and mythical themes you can use medieval castle posters or wall decals, the sword in the stone imagery and wizardry images too. I really like a brightly colored scene (not shown) which includes a fantasy style castle and a red dragon. This is a fun wall decal sticker that looks great for a kid’s party. It comes in a range of sizes too.

You can decorate the walls with Merlin posters and decals. If you are wanting to focus specifically on the BBC version of this series for your celebration, you can use posters from the hit show to decorate the walls for your event. If you are looking for Camelot or castle themed props for your party, then think about decorating your party room so that it looks just like the legendary castle where the sorcerer and King Arthur reside. You can get medieval pennant banners to string from the walls and hanging medieval themed whirls.

Blue Mega Value Pack Star Swirl Decorations (30) Party Supplies

Hanging Star Swirl Decorations

Add in some sparkling stars for a hint of magic! There are very few wizard, sorcerer or magician supplies to be found unless you want to go with Harry Potter items. So use silver, gold or blue colored stars where you can to add a hint of magic into your Merlin party. I would mix star decor up with castle themed decor so you end up with a magical Camelot themed room when you’re done.

Crown Goblet Party Cups

Goblet Theme Party Cups

You can easily find party cups and plates with a castle theme and also a royal theme for King Arthur. It’s much harder to locate sorcery supplies that are not related to Harry Potter. A great compromise, if you want to focus more on a magical theme, is to buy some plain bright blue cups and plates and decorate them with some silver or gold color star stickers. Or just use star confetti on your party tables.

I love the clear party cups that have a medieval look to them and would really fit in with the Merlin theme. Add some stars and swirls confetti around your tables at your celebration to add to your magical event.

Mens Womens Child Renaissance Costume Merlin Wizard Hat

Wizard Hat – Use as a Prop

One item that is easy to get hold of is a wizard hat like this one. You can use these as props for table decor such as centerpiece items and also as hanging decorations if you add cord to them and hang from the ceiling.

You can make a camelot themed castle Bundt cake! This Sorcerer of legend, lived in Camelot along with King Arthur and the knights of the round table. You can make a Bundt cake dessert using a handy cake pan called Nordic Ware Castle Bundt Pan which is not shown. Leave it plain for a great looking castle or decorate it further. You could use some small toy figurines and stick them on top as cake toppers.

There are two main ways you could go for this theme of birthday party invites. One is to look for wizard/sorcerer/magician invitations: most of which are really aimed at the kid’s market. And the other is to hunt for Arthurian themed invitations which most suit an older child’s or adult party. All the invitations over at Zazzle can be customized as you wish and then they are printed and posted to you complete with envelopes so you can then send them out to your guests. Zazzle has many international stores so you can find a UK version of it as well as a US one and many others too. Have a great occasion!

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