Miles From Tomorrowland Merchandise

Miles From Tomorrowland Merchandise

Disney Junior has premiered a brand new television series for the 6 and under crowd. It is not about a princess, nor is it about a monster or even an animal. This time, Disney is featuring an intact nuclear family as the leads in this educational television series.

The program, entitled Miles From Tomorrowland, is about the Callisto family and their intergalactic adventures. While it does have a family pet and some alien friends, the focus is on the four lead human characters.

Focus on Quality and Science

The best television shows for preschoolers are not put together a matter of months. It takes years to get a program launched. For example, when Disney was in pre-production for their hit series Sofia the First, they created storybooks for parents and teachers to read to their target audience to gauge their reactions. By doing this, they could focus on what worked and eliminate what did not. Today, the show is a mega hit and all of the research and development was worth the investment.

According to a Wall Street Journal article about the program, it took the creator Sascha Palindino five years to get Miles From Tomorrowland off the ground. His twins were three months old when work began on the show, and now they are five years old!

The show went through many changes over the course of that time.  For example, Palindino wanted a two headed cat to be Miles’ pet. But after fleshing out the idea, he came to the conclusion that it would not work, based on the fact that cats are not the most adventurous of pets. He needed an animal that would be a sidekick, provide comic relief, and also be able to protect Miles in dangerous situations.

Miles From Tomorrowland Doll is 13.5 inches tall and will make a great companion for your child!

Miles From Tomorrowland Doll from Amazon

The pet turned into a programmable robotic ostrich named Merc, which is short for “Mechanical Emotionally Responsive Creature. Because it is robotic, it can do many things a real ostrich cannot, like fly through space with boy on his back!

Furthermore, there are NASA experts who are a part of the consultation team for the show. There is at least one science fact that is featured in each 11 minute episode. Ideas are bounced off and the experts also make sure that the concept that is taught remains factual.

And just for fun, many of the guest voices are from famous actors who starred in their own science fiction television series or movies! Mark Hamill from Star Wars, George Takaii from Star Trek and Bill Nye the Science Guy all lend their vocal talents in episodes that will be airing this season. There are many more special guest stars, and adults can have fun watching with their children and seeing if they can guess who the actor is before the closing credits roll.

The Cast of the Show

One of the important things to note about Miles From Tomorrowland is that he is part of a family where the mother is the head of the team! Phoebe Callisto is voiced by Olivia Munn, and she is the Captain of the spaceship.

Taking orders from the Captain is Leo, the laid back, former surfer who is Miles’ dad and Phoebe’s husband. He is a mechanical engineer and can solve any issue or problem that happens. His character is voiced by Tom Kenny.

The second independent, intelligent female lead is big sister Loretta. Miles gets under her skin as most little brothers do, but of course, in the end, love for family conquers all. Loretta is tech-savvy computer coder and her character comes alive from Fiona Bishop.

The lead character and show’s namesake Miles is acted by Culen McCarthy. Miles is always up for an adventure with Merc, his sidekick.  Merc’s personality comes from the talented Dee Bradley Baker.

Miles From Tomorrowland is Blastastic!

One way to capture the hearts and imaginations of children is to have a catchphrase that is woven throughout each episode. It creates a continuity for the character and a connection to it as well.

When things are great, Miles says that it is Blastastic! This catchphrase can be seen on a variety of tee shirts from Zazzle. This shirt is just one example of what the custom site offers. Different colors, styles and designs are available on high quality shirts.

Miles From Tomorrowland Blastastic Tee Shirt for Kids from Dazzle. Available in different colors, styles and sizes.
Miles from Tomorrowland Blastastic Tee Shirt Available in 30 different colors and 119 different styles. Hoodies are also available!

Miles From Tomorrowland Costume

Both boys and girls love to dress up in costume for their pretend play, and this Miles From Tomorrowland costume for boys is going to be quite popular!  It lights up, which is going to be such a hit with little boys everywhere, since kids love anything with lights! It comes in sizes 2 through 7/8.

Here is a brand new and reasonably priced Miles from Tomorrowland costume.

Here is a newer and less expensive Miles costume.

Miles from Tomorrowland Stellosphere


Kids will love playing with this Miles From Tomorrowland Stellosphere.

Available on Amazon

This toy is really three ships in one. Children can go on many imaginary adventures with any of them.


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The Future is Blastastic! Miles From Tomorrowland Premieres February 21st on Disney Junior

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