Can You Make Money Completing Surveys Online?

Can You Make Money Completing Surveys Online?

Update January 7, 2018

I have come to the conclusion, after the first 30 days of participating on any of these survey sites, it’s just not worth the effort. The issue, which I discuss below is time sucking “pre-surveys” where you can spend almost as much time, and in some cases, more than the stated time to complete, just to be told you don’t qualify.

The first 30 days, I did very well, but after that I spend more time being suckered in, while giving them info they are benefiting from to only get a few points instead of the stated point total.

Try these sights out, but be prepared to be very frustrated after that 30 day window.  By the way, all of these sites reviewed below have less than ideal customer service.

Can you make money filling out surveys online?

Well the answer to that question is, yes you can.

What also needs to be asked: Can you make a living, or get rich filling out surveys?

I must say no to that, and that’s an emphatic no!

However: My favorite of these sites is My Points.

The biggest frustration

The main issue I’ve found on all of these is: You spend too much time filling out qualifying surveys only to be told you don’t qualify. This is a serious time drain, and honestly the main obstacle to actually accumulating any real income.

The sites that offer multiple ways to earn allow you to have productive days, even when surveys aren’t working out for you. Think of these sites as daily time passer, after a few months you’ll have some sort of reward to redeem.

How much can you make completing surveys online?

I have participated on 4 different survey sites the last 60 days. All have points systems. When you accumulate enough points you cash out for gift cards, mailed checks, or the best case scenario, via PayPal.

After 60 days, I’ve calculated an income level of about 2 dollars per hour, not a lot of money huh?  Again, the issue is the darned surveys over half the time telling me I don’t qualify. One of the issues is, you will be disqualified if you have already completed a survey on a particular topic inside a certain time frame.Surveys Online

You can imagine, after you’ve put some time in doing these, you’ll exhaust most of the topics. Also you can be disqualified for just your general info, male female, age, income level, anything really. Particular surveys are looking to match up with certain types of people, so this rightly disqualifies you many times.

As mentioned, I am after 30 days on these sites disqualified well over 2/3 of the time. It is very rare I qualify for back to back surveys.

Sites like You/Gov and My Points are better though than the survey only sites, do to the variety of ways you can earn points outside of just taking surveys.

The most frustrating scenario

Imagine spending 15 minutes or more on a survey, have 80% completed, only to be told near the end you don’t qualify? This happens way too much on all the survey only sites, which I will show the name of below.

Typically though, less than 5 minutes goes by when you are told you don’t qualify, and as stated, it happens 6 or 7 times out of 10 surveys after you have completed your first rounds of surveys.

I know this isn’t exactly a glowing endorsement of the survey only sites, so why bother? Well, if you do enjoy filling out surveys, and have extra time to kill, it’s probably still worth your efforts. Especially at the start, before you begin to be disqualified for already doing certain surveys, you can make a little money. I did.

Survey Sites That I know Do Pay Out

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie was easy to accumulate enough points to pay out. When you get to 1000 points, or 10 dollars, you can cash out. I have done this 3 times inside of 3 weeks. I did it via PayPal. They make you give a phone number to verify it’s you.

Once you enter in the code they text you payment is sent. PayPal payment has been immediate for me, this is pretty impressive, and instills trust very quickly.

Any Negatives?

The disqualifications are very frustrating. I made 20 dollars inside a week, for about 3 hours of work total. The last 10 dollars though took over 2 weeks, and well over 10 hours of computer time.

In fact, trying to get the last dollar to cash out took nearly 4 hours spread out over 3 days, as I was literally disqualified over 10 times in a row. Many times, I spent 10 minutes or more before getting the disqualify notice too.

If Survey Junkie could speed the disqualified process up, it would sure make the process easier.

So, in the end, I have to say go ahead and give it a try, make as much money as you can, but realize eventually you’ll get madly frustrated at how much time you’re spending without much income.

If you don’t enjoy filling out surveys, you will get very frustrated. You have to come at it as a hobby, a free-time passer. If you don’t spend time on social media sites, this is something you could do in place of that, and get paid a little for that time.

For me, I like the idea of having my opinions entered into the system, sort of a civic duty, like voting in an election or serving on a jury. So that for me justifies the time spent. Just don’t expect to get rich.

Update: November 21 

At this moment I have given up on Survey Junkie. Perhaps I’ll go back in a few months to see if I qualify for more surveys. I was disqualified for so many in a row, 20 or more that it’s not worth my time. I did make about 35 dollars total for about a 10 hours of work before the disqualifying became the norm.

Make what you can then go another of these sites, then perhaps rotate back to it later. Ill update this article as more info becomes available.

Survey Sites That Offer Lots of Ways to Earn Income


Not that it pays much, but You/Gov is more like a social media site, and lots of stuff going on to keep you interested.

Lots of flash poles, and ways to anonymously voice your opinion on wide range of topics like politics, music, sports, entertainment and social studies.

You/Gov pays out via gift cards. I estimate it would take me a month or more to get a good-sized gift card. Now it takes 100,000 points to get a 100 dollar Gift card. They do have smaller denomination available too. You’ll need 25,000 points to get a 15 dollar Amazon gift Card.

Of the 4 sites I have reviewed here, I can see myself spending more time here than any of them. There are more ways to accumulate points than just surveys, so the monotony of survey taking is broken up. That’s a major plus for me.

My Points

My Points is a lot like You/Gov in that it is different from Survey Junkie. Both sites have a plethora of ways to ear points besides surveys.

This for me is key, not a lot of unproductive time spent on My Points, they are always giving you opportunities to earn points, via email reading, video watching, checking out offers on other sites etc…

You could complete partner offers if you want to earn large point windfalls, But you do get something points wise for a lot of easy tasks, it does add up.

Its business model works well, especially if you get bored with one specific task, like surveys over and over again. I prefer sites like You/Gov and My Points over Survey only sites.

Update November 21st 2017:

I finally decided to do one of the other ways to make money on this site. I took advantage of a free Apple Music offer for 500 points. With these offers, do not expect immediate payment of the points, I was told 30 days can pass before you get the points.

Also in 3 weeks time I have accumulated 5000 points. This is enough for a 25 dollar gift card. 7900 point gets you 50 dollars, and 15800 points gets you 100 dollars from Amazon.

Remember: My Points has many different ways to accumulate points, even when you happen to be disqualified for a survey you get 5 points, but only 25 points is allowed per day from being disqualified.

Spending money on certain sites, and special offers sign ups, and surveys seem to be the best way to earn. If you see an offer that you like somewhere else, its a good idea to check My Points first, some of the offers can be as high as 5000 points. Some are trial and some are offers you have to pay for, but some good deals on there.

UPDATE: Dec. 2017

After you put some time in, you’ll notice some of the surveys are bait and switch. Meaning they offer 68 points for instance for 5 Minutes of your time.

What you find out though, after a few preliminary question, you’ll then be told to go to another survey that last 20 minutes. Don’t fall for this. You’ll likely be disqualified or sent to another survey, it never ends, and you’ll get nothing, not even the original 68 points promised.

I’ve learned to not even begin this 5 Minute 68 point survey. There are a few like this, I have recognize these and just x them out. My Points should remove this company from their site. I think it is very deceptive to promise 68 points, only to immediately be sent to a 20 minute survey. After wasting 45 minutes on a few of these, I got wise, it’s auto delete now.

Still like My Points though the best, despite this unfortunate situation.

January 2018 Update:

6 weeks ago I redeemed a special Apple Music trial offer through the MY Points interface, I was supposed to receive 500 points for this, yet no points. I have contacted My Points 2 separate times, without a response.

I sent all the proof of purchase etc… yet no response from My Points. This certainly makes me NOT want to do anything else like this since I DO NOT trust I’ll get the points.

So I guess even the best of these sites like My Points is rather poor customer service wise, so do all of these at your own risk!


Swagbucks is another site very similar to You/Gov and My Points. They offer different ways to earn points, such as completing simple tasks to completing larger tasks for larger point totals. To me, I like these sites so much better than the all survey sites.

Swagbucks and other sites like this work well even if you’re primary goal isn’t making money or earning gift cards. I actually do enjoy participating on them.

Personally I spend about an hour a day on all of these 4 sites mentioned here. I watch my totals rise every day. After about a month You’ll have enough accumulated to cash out something. This of course varies by what you do, it’s up to you.

The point to remember: You will not get rich, you won’t even make a living, but you can have fun, and earn a little something for your efforts.


Note: If you sign up to one of the sites reviewed here, I could be paid a referral commission. 


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