My 1966 Chevy C10 Restoration Project

My 1966 Chevy C10 Restoration Project

Restoring a Classic Pickup Truck

All classic automobiles are worth your time

I’ve been doing all my own automotive work since I’ve been driving. (Almost 40 years now) I can tear an engine down and put it back together almost blind folded. One of the classic automobiles I love is the 1960 to 1966 Chevrolet C series Pickup Trucks. Especially the 64 to 66 C10 SWB pickup trucks.

The main reason is, when I started driving, my Dad had just bought a 1962 C10 from my brother-in-law who needed some cash to start a business. I learned to drive a standard in it (After burning up the clutch) It had a Granny 4 speed, 283CID (Best engine ever) and a boat load of fun to drive.
It got totaled when a girl ran a red light and T-Boned me.

While I was in the Air Force I bought a 1964 C10 SWB Stepside. She came with a “3 on the Tree” Signaw but I found a Munice 420 which I put in. She had a 283 2 barrel carburetor and I could pull anything I wanted or needed to.

In 1991 I had to sell her and have regretted it ever since. My Mom passed away this year and I received a small inheritance from her. So I decided to use some of that to buy myself a “New” 64 to 66 Chevy C10. (Those are the years I love most)

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Choosing what to look for in restoring a Chevrolet Truck.

Buy a classic truck to restore that you know you can handle the work and money for.

I had set myself to wanting exactly what I had before, however I knew that would be very hard to do. So I decided I would take any decent 64 to 66 SWB Stepside or Fleetside or a LWB Fleetside. The LWB Stepsides just don’t look right. I preferred and wanted a standard, however I’d take automatic if it was a Power Glide. I really wanted a 283 (Best Engine Ever) but knew that could be hard as well.

I had really hoped to at least find one that was as close to original as possible, again that’s a Tall Order.
What I found and settled on was a 1966 C10 Fleetside SWB that has a Muncie 465 transmission, 350 CID engine, she is about 90% original.

She is in good shape and is able to be rebuilt by me, (I believe) I’m not real experienced at auto body work, I know some things and will have to learn others.

I know a little more about welding, however I’m very mechanically inclined. I got that from my Father who grew up on a farm, then worked in a machine shop before becoming a Electronics Engineer. I did not get the electronics part, though the rest I got.

Below you’ll find a introductory video for my C10 Chevy Rebuild project, I’ll be posting others as I work on it to show you how to do a restore of a classic truck. You’ll get to see the proper repairs and the mistakes. (Who me make a mistake?) I’ll be listing where I get tools, parts and equipment. I’ll be reviewing what I use, letting you know if I have any complaints or not.

Introduction of Doug’s Projects, 1966 Chevy C10 Restoration Project

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  • Doug, This is so great. I am excited for ya. I cannot get the video to load up but I’ll keep trying. Looking forward to watching your progress.


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