New Disney Christmas Ornaments for 2016

New Disney Christmas Ornaments for 2016

Every person’s Christmas tree tells a story and secretly divulges the type of the person who has decorated it. First, the ornaments placed on it may go back generations. If you are lucky enough to have a few vintage glass ornaments from you parents or grandparents, these remind you of a time when they were little and your loved ones were still alive. Ornaments that were made in Sunday School from cardboard and macaroni or hand painted wooden masterpieces remind share a piece of you with your family from a time when you were a child. These get placed alongside the ones your children have made for your tree.

Then there is the tree itself. The personalities of those who decorate them are displayed in windows for anyone passing your home to see. There are people who have trees that are a color scheme-gold and burgundy, white and red. Others have trees that look like they should be in a store window, as they are absolutely perfect. Every ornament is hung in a particular spot, lights and garland evenly distributed, and bows placed at just the right height. Wrapped packages are put under the tree in an organized fashion and placed in proper positions.

Then there are families that let the children decorate the tree however they want it decorated, and the ornaments fall where they may…and if the children are small, they typically are placed at the bottom.

Some families like to have a themed tree. The ornaments hung from them may all be from vacations they have taken or from a favorite movie. One popular theme that I have seen in homes is to have a Disney themed Christmas tree. From the iconic Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to characters from the lasted smash hits like Frozen and Inside Out, these trees get updated yearly when new movies and shows are introduced.

If you have a tree like this one, here are some of the top Disney Christmas ornaments released for 2016.

Disney’s Elena of Avalor Christmas Ornament

When you think of a typical teenager, what comes to mind? A bit impulsive, loyal to friends, well meaning, thinks s/he knows it all? Add in determined and loving to her family, and you have the newest Disney Princess to hit the scene. Her name is Elena of Avalor, and she is a spin-off of the wildly popular Sofia the First Disney Junior series that debuted in 2012.

Princess Elena had it all-a loving family and a future kingdom to rule-when an evil sorceress took it all away. Elena’s sister and grandparents are saved, but alas, her parents are not. To remove the enchantment that saved their lives, she goes on an adventure that lasts 41 years.

Once the spell is broken, she is next in line to become Queen of Avalor. But she is not really ready to undertake such a big job. So during the episodes of the show, she is in training with the help of  her Royal Council, which is comprised of her family and her friends. With their help, she will grow into the job she is destined to have.

New for 2016 is this Disney Elena of Avalor Singing Christmas ornament. It can also be personalized.

Available at The Disney Store

New for 2016 is this Disney Elena of Avalor Singing Christmas ornament. It sings her song, My Time, when the button on the bottom is pressed. To make it extra special, this ornament can be personalized with two lines of text. It hangs from the tree with a satin ribbon.

This Elena of Avalor Christmas ornament can be personalized with a name and the year.

Elena of Avalor Ornament from Zazzle

This ornament is one of three different styles available on Zazzle. You can personalize it with a name and the year.

Disney PJ Masks Christmas Ornaments

Children simply love role playing. Whether it is in the kitchen are in preschool, the playground, or in their own bedrooms, children learn and grow by using their imaginations and playing different characters. Three of the most popular characters to come along are the crime fighting trip called PJ Masks. They all appear in the hit Disney Junior show PJ Masks, which premiered in the fall of 2015.

Ordinary students by day, these three six year olds transform at night when their community needs them. There are two boys, Catboy (Connor) and Gekko (Greg). Amaya (Owlette) is the lone female in the group. With a touch of their magic bracelets, they transform into an amazing team who gets the job done (and teaches children a lesson while doing it.)

PJ Masks Christmas ornaments are now available! You can give your child one or all three from the popular Disney Junior series.

PJ Masks Ornaments Available on eBay

These PJ Masks ornament are just what you favorite fan of the show will want hanging from the tree this year. Each one is sold separately, and you can tell the creator which year charm you want added to the bottom.

Finding Dory Christmas Ornaments

It took thirteen years for Disney to recreate the sequel to Finding Nemo, and it was well worth waiting for. The beloved Dory, the absentminded blue tang fish that helped reunite Nemo and his father, Marlin, was featured in her own film entitled Finding Dory. Taking place six months after the end of the last movie, we learn how Dory was separated from her family, despite their best efforts to keep her safe due to her memory loss issues.

There is also a lesson on what the word “family” means, since some of the people we love the most are not related to us via biology. In this film we were also introduced to a host of other characters who had physical difficulties, like Hank, the octopus who was missing one of his tentacles.

This Finding Dory Christmas ornament is one of several that Disney has out for Christmas 2016. This one features Hank atop Nemo and Dory.

This Finding Dory Ornament and Others Can be Found online at The Disney Store

This Finding Dory ornament is part of the Disney Sketchbook collection. Sitting on top is Hank, who wants nothing more than to go to leave the marine Life Institute and go to the one that is located in Cleveland as it is much more peaceful and quiet.  Dory and Nemo are also featured in this ornament. To make it extra special, this can be personalized with two lines of text.

Disney Moana Christmas Ornaments

In November of 2016, a brand new character is being introduced to the world in the film, Moana. Disney is not making her a princess but a heroine in the spirit of the 1998 hit film Mulan. In this movie, Mulan dressed as a male soldier to save the life of her injured father, saved the Emperor and her people from the attacking Huns. While Moana does not have people as her enemy, she does have to combat an evil lava monster and save her people.

There are new characters in the film alongside Moana. There is Maui, the mystical demigod who has the tattoos of his life come alive at different points of the movie. Of course, there are animal sidekicks-her pig Pua and a chicken named Hei Hei. They provide the comic relief that is needed during some of the film’s more intense scenes.

This singing Moana Christmas ornament can be personalized.

Disney Moana Singing Ornament from The Disney Store

All of the characters from Moana can now hang from your tree. In addition to the Maui one below, there are several more that will look wonderful hanging from your tree this season.

Here is a Maui Christmas tree ornament that fans of the film Moana will want to have hanging from their tree.

This Maui Christmas Ornament and Others from the Film Can be Found on Amazon

Disney Zootopia Christmas Ornaments

Have you ever been told that you could not do something you want to do or be something that you wanted to be? Did it discourage you or did it make you work even harder to prove to everyone how wrong they are?

That is one of the premises of the spring hit film, Zootopia. Judy Hopps, a rabbit from a very large family, decides to leave the farm and pursue her dream of being a police officer. She does make the force, but is placed in the job of Meter Maid instead of a patrol officer. She goes out of her way to not only prove that she could  dot the job and do it well, but also to prove that not all predators, like Nick Wilde, are bad.

Judy Hopps, as well as other characters from the hit Disney film Zootopia, are available as Christmas ornaments for you tree this year.

Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Flash the Sloth and Other Character Ornaments Available on eBay

If you are a fan of this film, then you can buy all of your favorite characters for your tree this year. There are different versions of Judy Hopps, as well as all of your favorites that you saw in theaters.

Your tree will be much brighter this year with these top Disney Christmas ornaments for 2016.

Featured image from Pixabay and altered by the author in Picmonkey.


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