Nooka Zub Zot

Nooka Zub Zot

It is a wristwatch, right?

For a minute there, I wasn’t quite sure…

Nooka Zub Zot 20mm Watch Smoky Quartz, One Size Headed up by New York artist and designer Matthew Waldman, Nooka brings a world of  graphical variation to telling the time.

On the Zub Zot shown here, for example, it’s dots for hours and a bar for the minutes.

And that’s just one of the styles in the Zub line, which in turn is just one of the head-turning watch designs (for men, for women, or to share) coming out of Waldman’s belief that we should embrace innovation in all aspects of our lives, not just in our communications tech.

Sure, Nooka’s wristwatches might be a little bit “out there” for those of us who learned to tell time back in the old pre-digital days.  (You remember, “when the big hand is on the seven, and the little hand’s on the three…”)  And sure, at first glance, the Nooka watch face designs may seem more decorative than functional – but telling time with a quick glance at the graphical display is surprisingly natural and intuitive, once you’ve got the hang of it.

We believe the future should not look like the

Aesthetically, I very much like Nooka’s artistic take on the wristwatch, with its soft poly band and case made in one piece. On the wishlist for any collector of cool modern watches, the futuristic vibe scores big points with both design geeks and fashion mavens.

Nooka Unisex ZUB-ZOT-YL-20 Zub Zot Yellow Polyurethane WatchOn a practical note, the band is fully adjustable, so it fits even a small wrist (one of my own pet peeves and always a challenge in buying a new watch), while the clasp bit is hidden away so as not to get caught on your sweater or scratch your snuggle buddy.

There’s an alarm, a date function, and a chronograph (stopwatch) function, too, as well as the essential wee backlight so you can peek at the time in the dark.  The unique unisex timepiece is water-resistant as well, to 30 meters or 99 feet. You know, in case you fall off your boat.

If the vibrating bright yellow watch is a bit much – and it probably is, for the more conservative of fashion followers – you’ll be delighted to know that the distinctive Zub Zot watch also comes in black, gray, white, shades of blue, a statement-making bold purple, and a host of two-color combo styles and novelty watches… well, have a look at all the styles and colors for yourself.

Hands up, who’s tempted to start a collection?


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  • I got interested in these ‘alternative’ timepieces last year, when I went to visit a super-geeky friend who has a collection of clocks and watches that all have some very visual way of displaying the time, instead of straight digital numbers or the analog clock face of tradition. It really surprised me, how quickly you get used to telling time on a Nooka watch or similar. Plus, they look so cool. 🙂


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