Smart Food Scales Weigh In With Nutrition Facts

Smart Food Scales Weigh In With Nutrition Facts

Want to know how many calories are in your food?  Or how much protein, carbs, sugar, fats, sodium, or cholesterol you really are taking in?

I don’t, actually.

FDA sample nutrition labelFacts like that would interfere with my personal “see food” diet plan of eating whatever falls out of the fridge (or the chips bag) when I just can’t go another second without something in my belly.

But many people do want to know what they’re scarfing down, and for some very good reasons, too — health, for example. Diabetes. High blood pressure and heart disease. Obesity. Nutritional deficiencies in pregnancy…  the list goes on.

And today’s smart kitchen food scales count more than your carbs and calories, so you don’t have to fuss with food charts and math just to get a healthy and nutritious meal without killing your diet plan.

For example, here’s a dandy appliance I always think looks like it came out of a Star Trek (original series) set – though none of Captain Kirk’s pointy-hipped green alien babes seemed to have an issue with weight control, did they?

Escali Cibo Nutritional ScaleWhen digital food scales first came out that were able to tell us more than just the grams or ounces, I was smitten with this Escali Cibo Nutritional Scale – and not only for its cool retro flying saucer look.  The round and compact Escali Cibo boasts an “intelligent weighing system” to count the calories and other nutritional content of your food.

Basically, you plug in the code for any of 999 different foods and it calculates the calories, carbohydrates, sodium, fat, cholesterol or fiber content for the amount of the food that you’ve plonked on the scale. Weigh your food, look up the code, punch in the digits, and see how far you’ve blown your diet out of the water before you even begin to chow down.

Cool, eh?

Well, the Escali Cibo is still holding its place in a kitchen gadget market that’s jammed with a dizzying range of options – but we can do even better now.

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Perfect Portions, the unique digital food scale that displays a “nutrition label” for your munchies and cooking ingredients – anything you want to eat that doesn’t come packaged with its own nutritional label for you to go by in diet and meal planning.

Perfect Portions Digital Scale + Nutrition Facts DisplayPerfect Portions Digital Scale + Nutrition Facts Display


Hands down, the smart and low-profile Perfect Portions scale is my current pick.  I like the way it matches up with the FDA-style labelling we see on commercial food packages – so much easier to get organized if you’re tracking your food intake in some sort of journal, when you’re comparing “apples to apples,” as it were.  The built-in database includes 2000 different foods, pre-programmed in for you, plus 99 settings that you can customize for your own specialties.

The silver color works for me, but this understated scale also comes in a rather elegant black (very nice for a modern kitchen with sleek black appliances), as well as classic white and bright red and blue versions.

Although it does lacks the retro appeal of the Escali model, Perfect Portions’ neat rectangular shape (just over 6 x 9 inches) doesn’t waste any space on the  kitchen counter, kept close at hand and ready to use.  Oh, and that smooth flat glass top is easy to clean – just wipe it down with a damp cloth if it gets splattered.

You can usually pick up the Perfect Portions Digital Scale + Nutrition Facts Display for under $50 on sale at – sometimes even under $40, if you’re lucky.

Better Eating Through Measurement!

No matter what model of smart digital “nutrition scale” you choose, a good set of kitchen scales that helps us make better food choices is a real asset.

Nutritional food scales also make a thoughtful gift for anyone trying to make a major lifestyle change and get serious about a switch to healthy eating – whether that’s a newly diagnosed diabetic or someone with heart-disease who has been told by their doctor to smarten up and eat right after years of junk food indulgence. Or just one of the many of us who find the waistband getting a bit tight as the years creep on…

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