Pandora Style Charms For Halloween

Pandora Style Charms For Halloween

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In recent years charm bracelets have had a revival in popularity, with Pandora style charms amongst the most popular kind, and what could be spookier than to give your charm bracelet a haunted makeover for Halloween?

Pandora are very well known for their charm bracelets, and all the charms below are designed to be compatible with Pandora bracelets, as well as Chamilia, Biagi, Troll and other well known makes of European charm bracelets.

I have chosen a ready to wear Halloween themed bracelet if you would like the ease and simplicity of not having to choose the charms yourself and I have chosen three curated collections of Halloween Pandora style charms: “Pumpkin Patch” , “Wicked Witch” and “Web Full of Spookiness”.

It is entirely up to you how you use these collections. Your first option would be to buy one of the collections to add some Halloween spookiness to a charm bracelet. The second choice would be to buy all three collections and fill your charm bracelet up, and the last one would be to choose the charms that you like the best to add to your bracelet.

Hopefully, the charm collections below will have inspired you to give your own Pandora style charm bracelet a Halloween makeover.

Sterling Silver Halloween Charm Bracelet

descargaThis sterling silver bracelet from Bling is perfect if you want to buy a ready made Pandora style charm bracelet for Halloween.

With 20 charms and beads in a combination of sterling silver, mixed with the traditional Halloween colors of black and orange, this bracelet will look stunning worn any time from fall to Thanksgiving, and would also make a perfect ready made gift for someone special.

Pumpkin Patch Collection









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Pumpkins, often elaborately carved into Jack-o-Lanterns or transformed into carriages are a hugely popular Halloween symbol.

I have built this Pumpkin Patch collection around this sparkling authentic sterling silver Fairy Tale Pumpkin Carriage charm that is studded with orange crystals.

To the left is an orange sterling silver lined Jack-o-Lantern Murano style glass bead and to the right is an orange Swarovski studded silver lined bead. Orange is the perfect color for a pumpkin themed bracelet, and the crystals will help to add a pizzazz to your Halloween wrist.

At either edge of the collection are sterling silver pumpkin charms: a carved Jack-o-Lantern at one side and a plain straight from the patch pumpkin at the other.

Wicked Witch Collection





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It would not be All Hallows Eve without witches taking to their broomstick and flying around in a flurry of spell-making excitement.

At the center of the “Wicked Witch” collection is a black enamel cat, dangling gracefully from a sterling silver charm carrier. In UK folklore black cats are very much seen as being lucky, and if one should cross your path you will have good luck for the whole day. Historically however, to own a black cat was dangerous, as they were thought to be able to take on the appearance of humans, acting as a spy for their witch mistress.

Flanking the glossy black cat is a black Swarovski crystal bead to the left and a black and silver Murano style glass bead to the right. Black is very much assoicated with witches, and the added shimmer and sparkle that these two beads have gives this charm collection an added depth on a dark Halloween evening.

Finally the set of charms is finished off with two sterling silver charms; a witches pointed hat and a genuine Ohm witch, complete with crystal studded hat, flying with her cat on her broomstick.

You might wonder why I didn’t put the witch at the center of this collection of charms, and the only reason is that the charms look more aesthetically pleasing with the solo dangling charm at the center.

A Web Full of Spookiness Collection



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Scary spiders and their webs are perfect adornments for your Halloween charm bracelet, and what could make them scarier than the addition of a pair of bats?

At the spooky center is a delightfully creepy sterling silver dangling spider. It is good to give the charm collection a focal point, and this dangling charm does that whilst also adding depth to the bracelet.

The spider is nestled inbetween two Murano style glass beads. The one to the left is white with a three dimensional spider sitting on top of it whilst the one to the left is orange with a bat in 3D relief.

To finish this set of beads off is a sterling silver bat, wings spread ready to fly and a sterling silver spiders web bead that is adorned with a 14 carat gold plated spider.


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Casa Cicak is married to Senor Cicak and is a full time mother to Cicak Junior, a lively three year old. Although British by birth she currently lives in El Salvador, and prior to that Penang, Malaysia. A Leaning Assistant before she became a stay at home mum, she is interested not only in education, kids and travel - but also jewelry - a little something to keep herself sane!

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