Pandora Style Fall Charms

Pandora Style Fall Charms

Fall is a time of year associated with the reds, oranges and yellows of falling leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving and the transition from summer to winter.

If you would like to create a Pandora style charm bracelet with an autumn theme, here you will find three stunning collections of Pandora style fall charms to help you with your choice.

I have put together two carefully curated collections: Ladybugs & Fairies  and Squirrels & Oak Trees. Each of these groups of charms contains a mix of silver and color appropriate glass and wooden beads to complete the look of your charm bracelet.

You can either choose to buy a whole set of beads, pick out your favorite charms to those you already have, mix and match or fill your bracelet with all three collections. The choice is entirely yours.

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Ready-to-Wear Pandora Style Charm Bracelet


If you want a ready made European style bracelet with a fall theme, this would make a perfect addition to your seasonal wardrobe.

With a mix of gold and silver charms, glass beads and red accents the colors on this Pandora style bracelet are perfect for fall.

Ladybugs and Fairy Charm Collection

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Ladybugs or ladybirds are not exclusively associated with fall, but I thought the colours would work well, and it acted beautifully as a center charm for this magical collection.
Mushrooms are associated with the damp days of autumn, but instead of choosing a plain one I opted for the fairy house, which then gave me chance to balance it with a delightful sterling silver fairy.
I chose two red Murano style glass beads to flank the collection, and echo the warm color of the ladybug.One is red and gold, to highlight the golden hues of autumnal foliage, and the other is red and silver to symbolise the cooler days.You can either go with my choice, or you could buy two the same to give a perfectly symetrical balance.

Squirrel and Oak Tree Collection

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The acorn, the fruit of the oak tree, is another popular fall symbol.

According to Norse mythology Thor, the god of thunder, sheltered under an oak tree during a storm and it is believed that having an acorn on display on a window ledge will help to prevent the house from being hit by lightening.

Squirrels love oak trees, and in particular their fruit, the acorn, so I have combined the two with this lovely fall inspired charm collection.

At the center of this set of charms is a double silver plated Davinci oak leaf dangling bead with a yellow enamel center. I would not usually choose a silver plated charm, but this one is made to a very high quality and it is the perfect anchor charm for this collection.

Either side of the oak leaf is a sterling silver charm. To the left is sterling silver acorn from Kera and to the right is a delightful .925 sterling silver squirrel, cheekily holding a nut that it has picked up from underneath an oak tree.

Flanking the outer edges of the charms are a pair of complimenting Murano glass beads that are decorated in a brown and orange tree style. I have chosen two different sterling silver lined glass beads with a similar design, but if you preferred one over the other you could choose a matching pair.


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