Pandora Style Winter Charms

Pandora Style Winter Charms

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Pandora style winter charms are perfect to wear in the winter if you do not want to put together a Pandora style Christmas charm bracelet. Christmas bracelets can only be worn for a few weeks each year, or there may be religious reasons why you do not wish to wear a bracelet adorned with Christian symbols.

The cool colors and winter symbols are perfect for winter bracelets and can easily be worn from Halloween or Fall until spring or later.

Pandora style European Charm bracelets have become very popular and you can either add winter charms to a charm bracelet that you already own or you could make a winter bracelet.

Every charm listed below is able to be worn with Pandora bracelets and necklaces, and is also compatible with those made by Biagi, Troll and Chamilia.

If you decide to buy Pandora style winter charms you have two options in how you use them. You can either make a completely winter themed bracelet or you can add several winter themed charms to a bracelet that you already own.

For my top tips on how to put together a charm bracelet please read How to Create the Perfect Pandora Style Bracelet, and for more charms please view this ever growing selection.

I have showcased a ready to wear winter themed Pandora style charm bracelet, if you prefer the simplicity of buying a ready made option.

I have also put together two collections of winter themed charms: The first is a “Let it Snow” collection and the second is a “Winter Olympic Sports” collection.

With these collections you have three choices. You can either buy a whole collection of five charms and beads to wear either on their own on your charm bracelet, or to add to your existing charms. You could buy all three collections and fill your bracelet with winter themed charms, or you could just pick your favorite charm(s) to add to your bracelet.

Ihope that you enjoy browsing my excellent collections of .925 sterling silver Pandora style winter charms and beads and you find the perfect additions to your own charm collection.

Novobeads Winter Wonderland Bracelet

pandora-style-winter-charmsIf you are looking to buy a ready to wear Pandora style charm bracelet that has a winter theme then this Winter Wonderland bracelet by Novobeads is fantastic.

Using a leather bracelet with sterling silver fasteners as a base, the neutral silver leather sets of the charms beautifully.

The bracelet contains Novobeads own signature key charm, a white crystal bead, a sleigh, a snowflake and two mini soft blue CZ beads

This bracelet would make an elegant addition to your winter wardrobe and could be easily adapted to other seasons with the removal of the winter charms and by adding new ones.

Let it Snow Collection

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Snow is symbolic of winter in many areas of the world, and along with snow goes children playing, sparkling snowballs and fun looking snowmen.

For the center charm of the “Let it Snow” collection I have instead chosen Bella Fascini’s “Making A Snowman” sterling silver bead that shows the fun that is to be had in the building of a snowman.

To the left of the snowscene bead I have chosen a sterling silver lined Swarovski crystal adorned bead and to the right a white Murano style glass bead that is adorned with clear colored cz crystals. These really do symbolise the sparkle of ice crystals in the winter scenery.

On the left hand outer edge of the charm collection is a Pugster winter hat, with a pair of cute swinging tassles and accented in gold tone.

Flanking the right hand edge of this 5 charm set is a sterling silver dangling snowflake charm from Bling. The snowflake is decorated with clear colored cz stones, and is hanging from a charm carrier that is adorned with a poinsettia, a plant with red colored brats that is a traditional winter plant.

Swarovski crystals are perfect for winter themed charm bracelets as not only do they symbolise the glisten of frost and snow, but they catch the winter light and help to bring a little sparkle to your outfit.

Winter Olympic Sports Collection







February 2014 saw the Winter Olympics being hosted from Sochi in Russia, and what nicer way to comemorate the Olympics than by adding a collection of Winter Olympic charms to your Pandora style bracelet. The next Winter Olympics will be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea, in February 2018.

The center bead is a sterling silver dangling charm that shows two people riding the ski lift, ready to compete in their chosen skiing event.

To the left is a flag bead, with the Russian flag colors of red, white and blue. To the right is an Olympic flag bead which has the olympic rings highlighted in enamel. Instead of using glass Murano beads to add a touch of color to this charm collection I instead opted to use enamelled sterling silver charms.

Flanking the outer edges of this collection are an ice skate charm and a genuine Ohm curling iron charm. Both of these beads are made from sterling silver and are cast to a very high quality.


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