Pansy Kitchen Accessories and Decor

Pansy image in the public domain

Pansy image in the public domain

Pansies are one of my favorite flowers.  They are very hardy, and easy to grow and maintain.  I love the color varieties, with vibrant shades of purple, yellow and red.  Pansies are almost universally loved and are a popular theme for adding color and interest to a kitchen.

Pansy kitchen accessories and decor may seem like a natural choice in the spring and summer.  However, I also  like to use my flowery accessories in the winter months, to remind me that warmer days are ahead.  Pansies are such a cheerful flower.

pansy cutting board
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Cutting Boards Have So Many Uses

Every kitchen needs a cutting board to protect the counter tops.  I have one that is used to cut fruit and veggies, and another for cutting meat.  In fact it is recommended that a  separate board be used when cutting meat, as this helps to reduce  the chance of cross contamination.

Cutting boards are very practical, because we can use them for multiple purposes.  That is certainly the case with this one.  It is heat resistant, so you can place your cooked casserole dish or other hot  items on it.  The board will protect your table or counter top.  If you have ever had a heat stain on your furniture, you probably already know it is not easy to remove.  I also think a pretty board is a nice accessory for a kitchen.  It really brightens up the room.  This has rubber feet so the board won’t move when you are cutting or chopping food.  It also can be placed standing against a wall for decoration, as the feet  are self adhesive.   A pretty board is nice to display and doesn’t have to be stored away in a cupboard.

The board can also be used as an attractive serving tray.   It’s one way to serve  cheese and crackers or other appetizers.  I like this design, as it has plenty of colorful  pansies without being too overwhelming.

Hand Painted Pansy Vase

pansy vase

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This beautiful hand painted vase is ideal for any room in the house.  The vase is also a great gift idea for anyone who loves this type of decor.  I have a couple of hand painted wine glasses and keep them in my china cabinet for display when not in use.  Fresh flowers are even more beautiful when displayed in a pretty vase.   This really captures the beauty of this delicate flower.

Hand painted items need to be handled with care.  They should always be washed by hand.   The paint will start to come off if they are placed in a dishwasher, so only hand wash to keep it looking as good as new.  Hand painted items are delicate but beautiful.  Such an attractive and unusual  vase is likely to be noticed and commented on.  This would look lovely on a dining room or coffee table.

Table Runners

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I love table runners because they add a nice splash of color to a dining room table.  I have a cherry wood table and don’t like to cover the top with a full tablecloth, except on special occasions.  If you have a good quality table also you may feel the same way.  This is why I like to use a runner.  It adds a nice contrast to the table.  I have several runners that are used according to the season.  Sometimes I just want a different look to the table, and a runner easily does that.

This particular one is made of cotton and is machine washable.  It may need ironing, although if I’ve found that drying cotton runners on a low setting and removing from the drier while still slightly damp makes it  much less likely to become wrinkled.  The one pictured here  is 16 by 90 inches, but other sizes are available.


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These coasters make a good gift if you are looking for something that is nice and reasonably priced.  They also are suitable for a hostess gift.   The multi colored pansies look lovely against the white background.  It really makes them stand out.

Almost everyone uses coasters to protect table tops from stains and marks. These are nice for use in the kitchen or living room.

There are two types of coasters available with this set: soft and ceramic.  The soft ones are absorbent, although the ceramic ones are not.  I have ceramic coasters and they look really nice, but they don’t absorb the drips like soft coasters do.  Ceramic is fine if no liquid drips from the glass or mug and will  prevent heat stains.  That is something to consider when buying coasters.  The soft coasters are also washable.

I put coasters out on my coffee tables before guests arrive, as a reminder to use one.  It’s easy to forget when you are chatting and otherwise distracted.

Here in my home city of Victoria, BC we grow pansies all year.  We have a winter variety that does well in cooler temperatures.  I like to have these flowers in my garden because they manage to thrive despite the fact I’m not much of a gardener.

I have a few items that have a pansy theme and I use them all year.  They are eye catching and suitable for almost any decor.  I do think it’s important to not overdo it.  A few items in a kitchen or other areas of the house work well.





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  • I’ve never thought of pansies as a kitchen theme but they make a really beautiful choice – I really love the color combination of purple, lilac and a touch of spring yellow and green. Wonderful. Many of these items will also make delightful gifts too.


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