Paw Patrol Costumes for Kids

Paw Patrol Costumes for Kids

When we are young, we are taught to respect the helpers in our community. Police officers, firefighters, doctors, nurses, and others in the field of helping others are seen in a positive light. In August 2013, Nickelodeon introduced a brand new program in it’s Nick Junior preschool lineup. The the computer generated animation show, Paw Patrol, became a certified hit with children between the ages of 2-6.

What is Paw Patrol About?

Paw Patrol takes place in the fictitious town called Adventure Bay. Ryder is the human who helps lead the pups on adventures that require teamwork, as well as calling on each individual to shine and use his or her special skills.

Initially, Paw Patrol featured six pups who represented a community helper.

  • Marshall is a firefighter.
  • Chase is a police dog.
  • Skye is a pilot who can fly.
  • Rubble is head of contruction.
  • Zuma is an ace swimmer who acts like a lifeguard.
  • Rocky is like the MacGyver of the group, since he is “green” and uses recycled materials for everything he makes.

Skye was the only female character in the group, thus limiting the market for preschool girls who are mainly into princesses. In order to expand the appeal to girls, during Season 2, a brand new female character was introduced. Everest is a husky pup who works great in any cold weather and snow situations.

They cooperate they have when they are working together is a lynch pin of the program. These characters do not act first and then suffer the consequences; on the contrary. Before taking any action, they get together and plan the steps on how to complete the mission they are on. If a task needs someone to fly overhead, then Skye is the perfect pup for that situation. Need something out of the box creative? That’s Rocky’s department. The team is supportive and no one is trying to hog the limelight and get all of the praise for him or herself.

These are important lessons for young children to take away. paw Patrol entertains, but it also teaches the concepts of teamwork, cooperation, and getting along with others in a way that is not preachy. This is why kids love the show.

Dressing up in Paw Patrol costumes for Halloween is going to be on many preschoolers wish lists this fall.

Paw Patrol Everest Costume

Paw Patrol Everest costume comes in many sizes


Paw Patrol Everest Deluxe Toddler Costume from Shindigz

Everest is a husky who is all white. Her personality is a playful one, which makes her a magnet for kids who love to play. She is not dressed like Skye, who wears pink, a traditional and popular color for girls. Instead, she is wearing teal with yellow accents.

Newly released for this year’s trick or treat season, this Paw Patrol Everest costume is one that girls will love to wear.

The dress is bright and multicolored. The main color is teal, and is has long purple and white sleeves. The skirt has a layer of tulle, which adds the feminine touch so many little girls love. The white collar is faux fur and there is a white evergreen tree that is the cameo in the center of the neckline. There are also two faux pockets on the bodice. The back of the skirt has an attached purple tail.

The hat has the same colors as the dress, and it has purple ears with red on the inside.

The third piece of this costume is the backpack, which is included.  Pair this Everest costume with some white, teal or purple sneakers and some purple leggings to keep your daughter warm from head to toe.

Paw Patrol Rubble Costume

Also new for 2017!

Rubble Paw Patrol costume comes in many sizes



Rubble costume available on Shindigz

If you have ever spent any time with young children, then you know how fascinated they are with construction sites and with trucks in general. At the preschool where I teach, all action on the playground stops when it is time for the sanitation truck to come and collect the garbage. The kids line up at the fence to watch the log arm in the truck lift up the bins and place them back on the ground. This happens every single week.

Rubble is the Paw Patrol character who is in charge of anything that requires digging. Although he appears to be a rough and tough bulldog, he is truly a softhearted.

This Paw Patrol Rubble costume has three pieces. First, there is the one piece jumpsuit that makes it look like he is wearing a construction vest. There is a belt and a cameo in the center at the neckline. On the back side of the jumpsuit there is a small tail.

The construction hat has two ears coming down from either side. The backpack is the final piece of this ensemble.

Paw Patrol Chase Costume

This Paw Patrol Chase costume for preschoolers comes with everything you see, including the backpack.


Paw Patrol Chase costume from Shindigz

If there is a leader of the pack, then it has to be Chase. He is a German Shepard who is a police dog who also has a playful side. He takes charge of most missions and is a most reliable pup.

This Chase costume has your little on looking just like his favorite character from the show. There is on a one piece jumpsuit that has a very official blue vest. On the vest is a pocket and a large yellow star in the center. The long sleeves are cuffed at the end. His tail is on the back.

Chase’s police hat is blue with a paw right in the center. Two brown ears are attached to each side. Of course, he also comes with his very own backpack as well!

Paw Patrol Marshall Costume

Paw Patrol Marshall costume come with three pieces.Paw Patrol Marshal costume from Shindigz

Marshall is a dalmatian pup. Of course, that means he is a part of the fire department! In addition to helping with fires, he is also a medic who helps others in need. A bit of a klutz, he sometimes acts silly when he needs to be serious.

This costume will have your little one looking just like Marshall! It is a white, one-piece jumpsuit that has black spots. The bright red vest is quite vivid against the white. There are two faux pockets at the bottom of the vest, as well as an emblem of a blazing fire at the neckline. It is contrasted with bright yellow piping at the collar. His tail is on the back side.

Like the others, he has a hat that has matching attached ears on both sides. There is a large paw on the front. Also included is a bright red backpack.

Paw Patrol Skye Costume

Girls are going to love to dress in Paw Patrol Skye's bright pink costume.


Paw Patrol Skye costume from Shindigz

Like any other program aimed at children, there has to be a character for both genders. Skye was the original lead female member of the Paw Patrol. Dressed in pink from head to toe, she flies a helicopter and uses her own wings to do flips in the air.

Girls will love the pink dress that is satin at the top and flares with tulle at the bottom. Since the costume comes with short sleeves made of tulle, parents who live in colder climates may want to invest in a pink long sleeved cotton turtleneck or tee shirt, as well as a pair pink tights. This is also easy to put on as it has Velcro closures.

The “wings” have bands that girls can either hold or let loose on the side.

The hat is also pink and has yellow ears attached to the top, as well as a pair of foam goggles. And just like her fellow member of Paw Patrol, this Skye costume comes with her own backpack with adjustable shoulder straps.

Be on the lookout for your child’s favorite Paw Patrol costume this Halloween!

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