Elegant Peacock Feather Thank You Cards

Elegant Peacock Feather Thank You Cards

What a truly elegant way to show your gratitude by sending a beautifully designed peacock card. It is the male of this species that happens to be one of the most visually stunning birds with his amazing tail feathers which he uses to attract the dull color female, known as a peahen, with.

When you buy your cards, you know that you’re looking at designs based on the male’s tail (because the female has a muted and dull brown plumage) and this is what he uses as part of his courtship display to woo the female peahen with. So this fact also makes it especially appropriate for you to use for a rather romantic theme, for example to show appreciation for wedding, anniversary and engagement gifts.

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As well as being a real feast for the eyes, this bird also symbolizes good luck and fortune too. You’re spreading your kind thoughts and thankfulness in a much wider sense by sending more than just your gratitude but good wishes and fortune too – so there really is no better way to say thanks than by sending a Peacock Feather Thank You Card.

Blank Cards Peacock Thank You

Get this Set of 50 Blank Thank You Cards at Amazon

This is a lovely and inexpensive pack of 50 teal blue feather design cards with Thank You scripted across the front in a navy blue color which is striking against the crisp white cardstock. They are left blank inside for your own message and come with matching colored envelopes.

With a beautifully elegant and classic design, this set of 50 should be enough to thank a whole small set of wedding or party guests for their gifts or just to keep on hand for when you need to write a really heartfelt note of gratitude. I love the fact that these are kept simple to focus on a single feather motif.

Boxed Thank You Peacock Cards

Buy this Set of 10 Boxed Peacock Thank You Cards

For a smaller amount, I love the look of the simple and sophisticated design of this set which are printed on a thick weight cardstock and decorated with a delicate gold color lettering and motif. These could be a nice set to buy for when you want a small but special design because they are a more luxury design. They can be used as an any occasion thank you due to being blank inside. I hope you are finding this goody guide to be useful because it has been written with care. You will find more designs below as well.

For completely custom and personalized cards, I can certainly recommend Zazzle which will print out your chosen image professionally onto your choice of cardstock and then send them on to you to fill out and deliver to your recipients.

This is especially useful for weddings because you can chose wording to specifically show gratitude for gifts received. Many of the designers there already include suggested wording for you to use or modify to work in your situation or you can choose to leave the interior blank instead for your own handwritten message.

See ALL Zazzle Peacock Thank You Cards Here

Zazzle is recommended for larger than usual quantities that are required and also professional printing. You can order just 1 or hundreds of greeting cards with generous discounts applied to bulk orders on sets of 10 or more. Envelopes are included in the price you pay. Another great idea are these custom postcards where you can add an image in from the wedding or occasion. Suggested text is already provided on the back of the postcard for you.


Of course, you can also make your own cards by getting some real feathers and fixing them to blank stationery using clear glue dots. You can also get some appropriately worded peel-off stickers with the text that you need to express your gratitude or appreciation. Or you could use a rubber stamp which features the design you want.

Not only is the ancient peacock a thing of unsurpassed beauty, it is also believed to symbolize renewal and new promises. In some Eastern cultures the peacock is thought to symbolize some of the gods and goddesses such as Lakshmi and Kwan-yin who epitomize patience, kindness, compassion, good-will and good luck. I’m sure you’ll be lucky in finding the perfect cards that you need today.

Of course, you may just be in love with the amazingly colorful feathers and plumage of the bird which happens to make for some rather magnificent pieces of artwork. All the designs featured here are suitable for many occasions.

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