Peacock Party Napkins and Plates

Peacock Party Napkins and Plates

Peacock themed plates and napkins are just perfect for a pretty wedding or a party celebration where guests can really dine in style. A special event requires something with a touch of elegance for your choice of dinnerware too. Just because you’re selecting a very practical and disposable option, which does make clearing up far easier, doesn’t mean that you need to compromise too much and settle for anything plain. All of the designs that you will see here are elegant and really fitting for an occasion that’s as proud as this magnificent bird.

It’s no wonder that you’re inspired by the beautiful colors from the plumage. Using this bird as inspiration, you can definitely create a stunning themed table dressing and these sophisticated paper plates and napkins will make wonderful accent pieces. Start with a solid color, taken from the spectrum of feather colors such as the vivid blues and greens. Then add in any of the base colors like teal, brown or orange which work well and will set off the wedding or party decor to perfection.

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Peacock Design Square Party Plates: Ideal for a Wedding Occasion

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These Royal peacock designs are really just perfect for weddings and fine occasions and have a slightly modern touch with the square format. These plates can be bought in two different sizes and come in packs of eight. They make a really beautiful set to entertain with and especially for a special occasion where some real elegance is needed.

I really love the vivid green and blue colors as well as the lovely and intricate designs of the birds. Disposable party-ware has never looked so good! Finishing the items off nicely are the pretty gold-color trim on the edges that give a real hint of luxury for guests to dine and eat in style. The best thing is that there is a complete matching range for this particular set which means that you can also perfectly coordinate napkins, table candles, soap and other items with this set.

Caspari Peacock Green and Gold Paper Party Plates

Feather Design Party Plates at Amazon

Green and gold make for a lavish color combination and I love how these plates really look just like the real feathers on the actual bird. If you look closely at the photo that I took myself which is further down this page, you’ll see that the feathering pattern at the back is just the same with this fabulous green and gold design. It’s brilliant how they’ve captured this delicate feathered look. You can see this whole Caspari Range here on Amazon.

Astara Cocktail Napkins Peacock Design

Astara Paper Napkins

To work with these paper plates, I’ve picked out some cocktail napkins that I think work very well and would make a great combination. Remember that you can also choose to have a solid color if you find a particular design that you like on one item but cannot exactly match it up with a pattern for something else. That’s when you look for a solid shade or color that will work instead.

These beautiful napkins to the left are not an exact match with the Caspari range but I really love how the colors complement each other and the design which is even more intricate since it has a full image of the bird resting on a branch.

You get 20 of these in a set and they will match up well with most shades of green from pale spring green, to olive green through to a bold turquoise or indeed with a bright blue. Since these are so decorative, you might prefer to coordinate them along with some plain colored plates instead. I hope you are finding this goody guide to be useful because it has been written with care. You will find more advice below on using this magnificent bird theme.

Peacock bird in front of a terracotta pot

This proud and strutting bird is a popular theme for parties and special occasions and you can really see why when you look at this photo. They are rightfully associated with elegance and refinement – much like the swan is as well but far more colorful.

You can really see from the beautiful and vivid shades of blues, greens and even orange-brown feathers on this charming creature that it gives you plenty of options when choosing colors to coordinate with your wedding, birthday or celebratory event. Reduce some costs by opting for plain color items like table covers or cloths instead of elaborately patterned ones.

Decorative peacock napkins and plates with these amazing designs are ideal for entertaining. They are perfect for a themed wedding, birthday party or for another special event or occasion. They look stylish and elegant and add a touch of the dramatic to any table that you are going to add them to. Scroll through to pick out your favorite designs to complete your table decor and use the colors featured in your choice to create an unforgettable table display.

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