Peacock Pictures Including the White Peacock

Peacock Pictures Including the White Peacock

Peacock Images and  Pictures Including the White Peacock

Who doesn’t like watching peacocks, or marveling over the beautiful blue and green feathers?  But how many people have seen a White Peacock?  How many know why only the male Peacock is the colorful one?  Here you will find images and pictures of both the India Blue and the White Peacocks.  These pictures were taken one morning in Las Vegas during an early morning hike. The White Peacock is one I hadn’t seen before, and we were lucky to see many magnificent male peacocks fanning their feathers while doing the mating dance.  You will find those pictures here.

Peacocks are sacred birds in many parts of the world, as well as the National bird of India. The peacock that most of us know for it’s beautiful coloring of the eye feathers is called the India Blue. This is just one of several kinds of peacocks, and the exact opposite is the all white peacock.

The images here will show both male and female peacocks, as well as answer a few basic questions about Peacocks including why the male peacock is the pretty one.

Image Credits: All photos on this page are the copyright of Kathy McGraw and Family unless marked otherwise.

Peacock Image Copyright by Soleil

Peacock Image Copyright by Soleil

Male India Blue Peacock

The Male India Blue Peacock’s feathers are close to 5-6 feet in length when they are mature. The juvenile male is almost as drab looking as the female, as the tail feathers haven’t fully grown in yet. It takes about 3 years for a peacock to mature.

Peacock Feather Facts

Peacocks have several kinds of feathers besides the eye feathers. There are 3 main sets of feathers:

Peacock Feathers Image

1. Eye Feathers– these are the ones that are on the tail (train)

2. Wing Feathers– the striped or molted ones on the side

3. Sword Feathers– they are part of the tail, the tall wispy ones

Besides these are the beautiful feathers on the neck area, and the top feathers on their head. But mostly it is the eye feathers of the peacock that people collect. They use them for crafts like masks, earrings, and many other things. Peacocks lose their feathers once a year.

Watching several males from young juveniles to the older males they really reminded me of junior high and high school aged boys…trying to outdo each other for the benefit of a group of girls that acted like they could care less. In some of the peacock photos here you will see a few female peacocks not paying much attention and the male peacock just strutting his stuff.

The male peacock will strut around in full display,fanning his beautiful display of tail feathers, but if there are no females he will strut for the other males, it really is both beautiful and laughable.

Peacock feathers pack

Peacock Feathers to Buy from Amazon

Not all of us live where we can easily get Peacock Feathers. Buying them here solves that problem. Remember though by looking at the Peacock Images here that the eye feathers are different lengths depending on the maturity of the Peacock.

What Do Peacocks Eat?

Peacock images taken by Kathy McGraw

Peacock images taken by Kathy McGraw

Wild or Domesticated Peacocks, what do they eat?

Peacocks are part of the pheasant and turkey families and are used to foraging for their food.

Peacocks eat just about anything that is small and crawls from the insect world like ants, ticks, bugs, worms, termites, scorpions and mice. They also eat flowers, plants, grains, and berries. Peacocks have also been know to like cat food (dry) and chicken feed.

White Peacocks – All White Peacocks

white peacock cc image

CC Image by Cristiano Oliveira

White Peacock Picture by Kathy McGraw

White Peacock Image by Kathy McGraw

White Peacocks have the same feathers as their counterparts except they’re just white.

Many people think the white peacock is an albino, but it’s not. Albinos have pink skin and eyes, but the white peacock has blue eyes. It is also believed they are rare, but again this isn’t true. There are probably more in captivity than in the wild, but they aren’t rare. Also some people believe that the white peacock is magical. This one, I can’t prove or disprove as everyone has their own beliefs as to spirituality and faith.

After following several peacocks around the ranch, we noticed a white peacock in the distance in one of the cages that was fanning his tail feathers, so we rushed over to see it. We were barely able to get this picture before he stopped fanning, and put his feathers down.

White Peacock Dry Erase Board

The White Peacock is beautiful if you’ve never seen one. No, it doesn’t have the coloring of the India Blue, but just appreciating the difference, and the conversation of “Have you ever seen a white peacock” makes this a great gift.

Dry erase white peacock calendar

White Peacock-Peafowl DryErase Whiteboard Weekly Calendar by DBCMemoWhiteboards

Peacock Images

Click on each image to view it at full size

peacock photo
Peacock birds with tail feathers on display
Peacock bird
Peacock bird and ducks
peacock with tail feathers

Peacock Fanning his Trail of Feathers During Mating Season – Male Peacock Fanning his Tail Feathers

Peacock Fanning his Trail of Feathers During Mating Season

Peacock Picture by Kathy McGraw

Why is the Male Peacock the Pretty One? – Male Peacocks have beautiful coloring while females are drab

Female Penhens blend in Image by Soleil

Female Penhens blend in Image by Soleil

In the animal kingdom most males are the colorful ones, or the ones that have something extra like big antlers on bucks, and huge manes on lions. Why is this? And why do the male peacocks have the beautiful tail feathers while the females do not?

The most important reason the male peacock is prettier is for survival of the species. Males strut their stuff and show off with strength or wit, but it is the female who does the choosing. If a female is interested in selecting him she will let him know and then they mate.

The drab coloring on the female peacock helps her blend in with her surroundings while she is protecting her eggs which usually take about 28 days to hatch. Peacocks have to avoid their natural predators and the male can fly into a tree as he doesn’t have to worry about the eggs or chicks, while the female does.

Peacock Face Image

Peacock Face Image

Booklet on Living with Peacocks – Info on food, housing, and more for those wanting to own a peacock

This booklet offers advice from someone that has owned and raised peacocks for years. He gives you info on feeding, how to build a proper structure, and other useful tips for living with peacocks.

Living With Peacocks Paperback Book by David Moyle

Living with Peacocks Book on Amazon

Anyone interested in raising Peacocks might find this small booklet helpful. The author has a farm where he had peacocks and gives you tips on different aspects of raising them.

My Grand daughter and I had a wonderful time taking these peacock pictures. She is 8 years old, and both of us spent a beautiful morning taking photos in the desert, and these peacocks were just one of the subjects we found that morning. You will notice the lighting…early morning shadows, but that’s as good as it gets when you are visiting somewhere.

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