Pet Water Dispensers and Drinking Fountains for Dogs

Providing your pet dog or cat with plenty of clean and fresh drinking water every day is absolutely essential for their ongoing good health. Pet water fountains and dispensers can help to ensure that the water is clean and fresh for whenever your pet gets thirsty and needs to have a satisfying drink. If you currently make use of an ordinary bowl then you’ll know just how quickly that can get contaminated with bits of dust, fur, bugs and bits of food that build up on the surface and also around the edges of the bowl – they just don’t stay clean for long.

Special drinking fountains can help to eliminate any unwanted build-up of debris in the water because they are designed to keep the liquid flowing and moving around. This process of movement adds in oxygen which then helps to keep it all nice and fresh as well as clean for much longer than normal. Having a good source of water can also encourage your pets to drink more often too which is good for their health.

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A Simple Water Dispenser Can Work Well

These are Cheaper to Buy and Require No Plug In or Batteries!

Petmate pet water dispenser bowl

Get this Pet Waterer System by Petmate

Delivering fresh drinks to your dog doesn’t need to be complex at all. If you prefer a really simple design yet with a good capacity, this waterer is ideal. It will hold up to 1 gallon amount of liquid which is enough to last for days and will also work for more than one pet – so cats can use it as well.

There is nothing complicated about this styling. It features a large and clear plastic tub which you fill up and attach to the bowl. The drink will then dispense into the container and as your pet(s) lap it up, fresh water will come down into the tray. Since it is a clear container, you can easily see when it needs to be refilled and eventually cleaned out. The large holder means you don’t need to keep bending down to refill it.

A Pet Fountain Keeps Drinks Even Fresher

Since They Gradually Introduce Air into the Flowing Water

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain for dogs and cats

Buy this Pet Drinking Fountain

If you don’t mind having a plug in design, you can enjoy a popular design suitable for cats and dogs to use. The design not only keeps the water rotating with a fountain of free-falling water to keep it fresh. It also has a clever filtering system to remove bad tastes and odors from the liquid. Filters can also collect unwanted debris from the water such as fur, bits of food, dust and dirt – keeping those nasty (and sometimes harmful) bits away from your cherished pet having to drink them.

EASY FOR YOU TO CLEAN: most dispensers and fountains are designed to be easy for owners to clean out when needed. Because the water is not accumulating dirt at the same rate as an ordinary bowl, you also do not need to be cleaning them daily either. Most style have easy to remove containers to empty and wash just as you would with a normal bowl.

LARGE WATER CAPACITY: You can buy plenty of styles for larger dogs and even multiple household pets like cats too. Larger versions will often have enough for more than one pet over several days of use.

FILTERS OUT DIRT: With normal bowls, your can be lapping up dirt, hair, fur and other potentially harmful debris floating around on top. Plain waterer systems help to reduce this since most of the liquid is covered over and fountains tend to have filter systems in place to move any debris away from your pet’s mouth.

WATER IS KEPT FRESH: Fountains keep the water moving around which aerates or helps to introduce fresh air (oxygen) into the water and stops it from going stale. Your cat or dog will be treated to fresh, clean and cool water every time they have a drink.

QUIET RUNNING MOTOR: Many years ago when we bought a mains operated design, it was an early model that was noisy and our cat would not go near it. Most models now are very quiet in comparison which means that your pets are not afraid to approach it and it won’t be a cause of irritation for you either. If you have concerns about the noise of a battery/mains design, try to see one in action or check out a YouTube review so you can get an idea of the noise level.

DOESN’T REQUIRE CONSTANT CLEANING: Unlike normal bowls which ideally need cleaning every day to wash out dirt and add in new water, a dispenser is much more low-maintenance and might only require a quick clean once per week.

CAN BE USED BY CATS AS WELL: Many versions are equally good for both cats and dogs to drink from which is perfect if you have a multi-pet household.

DRINKING MORE WATER IS GOOD FOR YOUR PET’S HEALTH: Many older pets suffer from kidney problems and urinary diseases that often could have been prevented by having access to a good supply of fresh and clean water every day.

RAISED DESIGN IS EASY TO DRINK FROM: For older or injured pets, consider one with a raised or elevated design which makes it easy for them to get to without putting any strain onto their neck joint. This makes it ideal for the older ones who may be stiffened through arthritis and age.

PROVIDE TASTY WATER FOR YOUR PET: Want to discourage your cat or dog from drinking stale liquid from plant pots and ponds? Giving them a fresh and tasty supply of what they need will encourage them to drink more healthily which is great for their teeth, gums and their digestion system. Here’s to keeping your loved ones healthy!

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