Philippine Franchising Trends to Look Forward to in 2016 and 2017

Philippine Franchising Trends to Look Forward to in 2016 and 2017

There are many ways to become an entrepreneur and one straightforward way to build business acumen is to engage in franchising.  By definition, franchising is a tested and proven business strategy for tapping and retaining quality customers that can relatively increase its share in the market.  In short, this is a marketing system that uses established branding or product image, follows a sustained method of doing business in its operation and embraces a substantiated distribution system.  By employing this kind of strategy, it is believed that there is a higher chance of income success if you use someone else’s (well-known) product, style of business and method rather than creating a business concept from scratch and independently develop it using trial and error.

This has been the practical reason why franchising has been very popular and is continuously attracting young and start-up magnates.  In fact, the International Franchise Association or the IFA has forecasted that “franchise businesses to continue growth trend in 2016, outpacing economy-wide pace”.  The IFA President and CEO Robert Cresanti particularly said “We are forecasting that for the sixth consecutive year, franchise businesses will grow at rates that exceed the economy-wide growth of industries where franchises are concentrated.”  Thus, even though this report is from the United States, surely, this will have a direct and indirect effect in the Philippines as most of the franchises in the country are well-liked American brands.

Moreover, the idea mentioned above brings in the notion that franchising is still the top choice in terms of business opportunities for the Filipinos. If you are planning to become a franchisee, check out these current and latest trends in the franchising world.  In the next year or two, this list might help you in making a wise decision.

The Rise in Learning and Education Franchise.

For the past years, the education franchise has increasingly captured the Filipino market.  This probably boils down to the parenting trend of raising smart, happy and talented children in this generation.  Not to mention the increasing cases of learning difficulties of the millennials.  Hence, from the popular pre-schools, mathematical skills programs, review and tutorial centers, skills training for specific skills, reading skills programs to other specialized schools, the demand for these skills to be honed is just so high, that the need for a franchised is just on its way.

Parents of the 21st Century learners are just eager to augment formal education with other skills regardless of the cost.   This makes ‘parenting’ a career in itself which means that the more exposure you have for your child, the more supportive you are and this will make you look like a better parent. Besides, education is not an expense, it is an investment.  But, whatever the belief is, on the business side, this is a better way of selling it.

If you are interested, take a look at the following education franchise and you might just need one in your own small community.  Simply create the demand and surely income will follow.  Here are the brands for education franchise:  Eye Level. Kumon. Sacred Heart Pre-school. CMA Mental Arithmetic. AMA Education System. Sip and Gogh Paint and Sip Station. Future Culinary Arts. The Reading Station.  Your Tutorial Center. Achieve Career Today Training Center and Development Company. Asian Institute of E-Commerce. Childlink Learning Center.  Every Nation Language Institute (ENLI). Aloha Arithmetic.

More International Food Brands

Filipinos live to eat and eats to live. This is a common mantra in a typical Pinoy household.  This tells us why food is still a growing business in the country.  We are a bunch of humans who just loves to indulge in a gastronomic delight every single day.  Thus, food is still at its peak in the franchising vocabulary.  With the thrill of adventure and exploration, Filipinos are now ready to step up in terms of food preference and choice.  It now goes beyond and is not limited to Asian and ASEAN Cuisine but can embrace the taste of other international cuisines.  However, it is also interesting to point that this trend can highly affect the local brands as it will surely eat up its market share.  But come to think of it, this will provide healthy competition and makes the food business reasonable and affordable to many Filipinos.

European Fashion Brands will be the IT thing

Fashion is undeniably a fast growing industry in the country.  Distinctively, it has its own specific niche market both for the young and the old, men and women, boys and girls and even for the rich and the poor (categorically speaking).  So, in terms of fashion, it is expected that it will just create its own ripple among Filipinos. The entry of European brands will surely be a new eye candy for the Filipino and most especially for the Filipina fashionistas.  From dress to blouses, bags to shoes, shirts to shorts, lingerie to accessories, make-ups to skin regimens, these will definitely make an impact and will slowly penetrate the fashion sense of many chic and stylish Filipinos.  Likewise, these brands will certainly make shopping more fun and exciting and will also add to more vogue choices.  Well, I just say good luck and happy shopping!

The Online Retail

Technology will always have a big role especially if you talk about the future of anything and the Filipinos are not spared with this trend.  Thus, online shopping will be the ‘in’ thing in the next years to come as everybody is wired up and everyone wants convenience and accessibility.  This means shopping within the tips of your fingers from household needs to furniture and all other stuffs.  This is a great way to start business as no physical store is needed to set it up.  All you need to do is an internet access and viola, you can start doing business.

All of these are the expected trends in the realm of franchising and will surely be expected to expand not just in the next two years but more so in the coming years.  Doing business gets more exciting and stimulating if this is what is in store in the future.

About the author: Edison owns and operates a group of small food franchises and his most successful brand of concept is Star Frappe, a frappe and iced coffee food kiosk.


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