Pretty Pink Princess Bedroom Furniture

She sadly may not be a real life princess as she should be but you can definitely treat her just like one by furnishing and decorating her bedroom with some adorable and very chic pink items. The pieces I have carefully selected look rather like they were made just for royalty to enjoy as well.

There are some amazing looking items of furniture fashioned to look like miniature versions of adult pieces. Some are made in a fairy tale style which looks like they could be straight out of tales such as Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. Children who love the whole feminine style should well be delighted with having a room decorated in this way and also having their own little space that they can really delight and have fun in.

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Pretty Pink Princess Chair for Girls Kids Bedroom

Get this Pink Princess Chair for Kids

Decorate a little girl’s pretty pink princess bedroom theme in some regal style with this really sweet looking little upholstered, high quality chair. Girls can really enjoy having their very own special place to sit and lounge in comfort and on something that is also tailor made to suit their smaller frame and size. This particular chair is designed for the 3-7 year old age range although I know from experience that they can often be enjoyed for longer than that particular time span.

I think that this would make a lovely choice of gift to buy for a treasured child or a grandchild in particular and it could also work well in a play room or even as a unique child-friendly space or area in a living room too.

Girls can also enjoy having their very own very stylish, chic and rather grown up looking miniature version of a chaise lounge sofa chair in the same range (not pictured) which is designed in soft candy pink. This beautiful looking piece of kids furniture is ideal for small fashionista girls and would look really wonderful in a young child’s princess bedroom, as part of a play room or even to fit in with some of the living room decor if there is a space or area for it.

Very Pretty Pink Princess Bookcase for Girls Bedroom Decor

Buy this Pink Princess KidKraft Bookcase for Bedroom Decor

Kidkraft have come up with and designed a pretty looking and also functional bookcase shelving unit that is made to complement a princess style girls bedroom or play room. This fun furniture piece has 3 rather good sized shelves ideal for books and decorations and there is also a 4th little shelf right at the top which is actually hinged to reveal a secret compartment area underneath. So this has been made into a fun piece for kids to use and enjoy having.

It is painted in two shades of adorable pink and also has some gold color scroll details right down the sides as well as a regal gold color princess crown on the top. It makes for a beautiful looking fantasy piece of bedroom kid’s furniture. Some assembly is required. This is made by KidKraft and we’ve certainly had a lot of cool toys and products that we’ve bought from this company for our young daughter and never been disappointed with the quality of the items.

Pink Princess Royal Toddler Bed for Girls

Pink Princess Royal Toddler Bed for Girls

Young girls from approx 15 months to around 5 years of age can enjoy having their very first and special toddler bed. Making a transition from a little crib to a regular style of bed can be made much easier by giving kids something as cute looking as this design to sleep in. It’s an adorable pink bed fashioned in the style of a royal princess four poster which should be just perfect for a girly bedroom.

I love the fact that the this bed is made low to the ground for safety and also has raised side panel rails with that in mind too. So no worrying about children falling out while the are asleep. This bed works with a standard crib mattress.

Princess Style Pink and Purple Loft Bed with Slide for Girls

Princess Style Pink and Purple Loft Bed with Slide

Girls can sleep in a bed that looks fit for royalty with this fun pink and purple loft bed which comes with a slide. This is a twin sized bed so you will need to have a twin sized mattress to work along with this item. It is not an actual bunk bed although there is some space underneath the fabric hiding place at the bottom of this high bed to pop in an extra blow up bed or to use this space as an extra storage facility instead of a play area.

The frame itself is made from steel with a white finish to it, while there is a small and easy to climb little ladder right up to the sleeping area. This sleeping area is covered over with a curved pink tent that works great for play time and also for helping to keep a young child safely in bed when they are finally asleep. The brilliant looking slide feature must be a lot of fun to go down in the mornings (what a great addition) is topped with a wonderful looking tower. It’s a pretty amazing looking piece of furniture that happens to work on this particular theme.

Purple and Pink Girls Vanity Table and Chair

Get this Purple and Pink Girls Vanity Table and Chair

Little princesses can enjoy sitting at their very own gorgeously styled purple and pink themed vanity table that comes with a matching chair. This adorable looking set is very girly and sweet. I really like the rather unique heart shaped mirror that is topped with a crown. That also matches up with a crown topped chair that comes along with a plump purple seat cushion and a heart shaped back rest.

Also included with this are two little painted boxes that could be used for storing jewelry and also precious little items of interest. One of these boxes is actually a musical box which is fun. This should be a really sweet set to gift to a precious young child who can enjoy really sitting and playing with a cleverly designed furniture sized just for them to enjoy.

Princess Carriage Metal Canopy Twin Bed for Girls

Princess Carriage Metal Canopy Twin Bed for Girls

When girls are a bit bigger and ready for a twin sized bed, they can really enjoy moving into this rather gorgeous looking princess carriage style canopy bed. This delicate looking scroll work frame and canopy is made from steel. The frame has been painted white and has a touch of pink sanded through it just to give it more of a girly look and feel. The whole design looks completely reminiscent of Cinderella’s beautiful carriage which takes her off to the ball to meet her prince and one true love.

It’s a very beautiful and romantic piece of bedroom furniture with a fairy tale feel. A young girl could really enjoy sweet dreams in this bed and I’m sure she will have many of those in it too. You will need a box spring twin mattress for it. Would you choose any of these items, let me know what you think by leaving me a comment if you wish.

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