PJ Masks Costumes for Kids

PJ Masks Costumes for Kids

As adults, we understand that how we dress is a reflection of us and the environment we are going to be in. When we go to work, we dress for the part we are playing-a corporate suit or other conservative attire if we work in a business setting, a uniform that identifies who we are if the job calls for one, or comfortable clothing like jeans or leggings to get down on the floor if we are teaching young children. When we dress up for a night on the town or to attend a wedding, our clothing choices are much different than the ones we make for watching a movie at home with the family. The situation we are in dictates how we dress, since we are all playing a role.

When young children get dressed up in costume, the role playing they do isn’t just fun-it is educational as well. Children are learning about the world around them when they wear clothing that is not their typical attire. When they create the situations, they are in control of the action and the outcome, something that does not happen in the real world.

Pretend play also lends itself to teamwork (“Let’s work together to solve the problem”), compromise (“I will be the superhero for now and you can be the superhero the next time”), and empathy (“That’s okay, sweetheart. We can get you a new ice cream cone.”). Moreover, there can be a great deal of physical play, such as running, jumping and climbing if the children are role-playing superheroes like PJ Masks.

In addition to learning important life skills, pretend play is the perfect venue for children to learn about what is fair and unfair, how to cooperate to make things work for everyone playing, how to take turns, and how to solve problems. Children are quick to point out when someone is not behaving properly, whether they are misbehaving at circle time or while on the playground. During a role play situation, children learn how to negotiate and problem solve with each other if the pretend situation gets tough. They develop language skills and use words in ways they might not normally while playing with their peers in an age appropriate game.

By being in control of their world, children also develop positive self-esteem.

PJ Masks Television Program

The characters in PJ Masks lends itself perfectly for role playing. First, the characters are just slightly older than the target audience. Amaya, Connor and Greg are six, and to a three or four year old, these are big kids. These children are classmates and friends, much like the children in preschool who watch the program. Each one has a special superhero power that makes him or her an integral part of the team. While separate they can do many things, but when they work together they can accomplish the goal of each episode.

Each episode teaches an important lesson in a gentle manner without hitting kids over the head.  This is the classic Disney way, since no one, including young children, likes to be lectured.  It would make for some very boring television!

Some of the age appropriate issues that have been faced are:

  • Be yourself
  • Be patient
  • Be forgiving
  • Be tolerant of others
  • Don’t be selfish
  • Be gentle
  • Be patient
  • Try not to judge

The three main characters have their own special characteristics that appeals to a cross section of children. You can create your own PJ Masks costumes for your child’s imaginative fun. 

The Dynamic Trio

For one low price, your child can have all three PJ Masks characters in their pretend play dress up box. This set comes with capes and masks.

Available on Amazon

Playing superhero is much more fun when you have friends join in! If you child loves all three characters or wants to play PJ Masks when friends come over, then this is the set for him or her. It comes with three capes-one that represents each character, plus matching masks. The capes measure 27.5 inches long, which is just right for preschoolers. The capes are made from Rayon and Spandex.  Reviewers have raved about how much their children have loved this costume and are flying around the house pretending to be their favorite pint-sized superhero.

PJ Masks Owlette Costume

Amaya is the only girl in the young superhero trio. When she touches her magic bracelet, she turns into Owlette.  Her red cape can turn into wings that permit her to fly, and like an owl, she can also see in the dark because she has excellent night vision. Her third superpower is that she has the ability to blow gusts of wind. To get from place to place, she rides in her Owl-Glider.

Brand new PJ Masks Owlette costume comes in different sizes.

This is brand new costume just hitting stores now! This ensemble comes with everything you see-a one piece jumpsuit, a cape and a headpiece. Add your own red socks and sneakers and Owlette is ready to save the day!

PJ Masks Catboy Costume

Connor transforms into Catboy, who is recognized as the leader of the group. His powers are like those of a cat-he has great speed like a cheetah, incredible hearing both near and far, and he can leap and jump great distances.

This PJ Masks Catboy costume is now available for your favorite fan. It comes in several toddler sizes.

Catboy Costume now available at Anytime Costume

Dressing up in costume was never this easy and will be a favorite in the dress up box for a long time to come. This PJ Masks Catboy costume comes in sizes 2T, 3T and 4-6X.

PJ Masks Gekko Costume

The final member of this dynamic trio is Gekko, whose color is green. His reptilian powers enable him to change colors so he is camouflaged from his enemies. Because of his suction power, he can cling to walls and buildings. He is also very strong and can lift heavy objects that the others on his team cannot.

Disney PJ Masks Gekko costume is avaiilable in toddler sizes.

Gekko Costume from Anytime Costumes

Creating the perfect PJ Masks Gekko costume is easy with this three piece set. There is a green jumpsuit, a headpiece and a cape, creating the perfect start to hours of imaginative play.

Other PJ Masks Costume Accessories

There are many crafty people who are creating all kinds of handmade PJ Masks costumes. You can find them for sale here.

Pretend play is an important part of childhood. Your child is going to love dressing up as her favorite PJ Masks character.


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