Pretty Plush Peacock Toys

Pretty Plush Peacock Toys

My young daughter is a huge fan of her soft stuffies and we keep a large collection of them in a big fabric storage bin as well as dotted around her room. Her favorite color happens to be blue which is a pretty tricky shade when buying girl’s toys. So I was delighted to discover these really gorgeous Stuffed Plush Peacock Toys which include some rather realistic looking plushies as well as a Webkinz and Furby which are perhaps geared better towards children.

There are certainly plenty of choices for both girls and boys who should love the bright and more unusual bold shades of green, blue and turquoise. But there are also plenty of really great looking plush peacocks which would make really colorful and sweet gifts for an adult collector or fan of this proud and elegant bird.  It certainly makes for a really pretty and rather unusual toy.

Super Stuffed Peacock Soft Plush Toy

Get this Perry the Peacock Plush at Amazon

Perry is one of my favorite looking plushies from viewing what is currently available and he’s a customer favorite too judging by all the wonderful comments on him. I know it’s a ‘him’ since female peacocks do not have the wonderfully bright shades that the males do.

This cutie is ideal for kids as well as grown up collectors who can display him up on a shelf because he is rather realistic looking. I think the designers really put a lot of thought into the colors, the different textures with the super soft body and the more feathery tail area as well as the fun trio of hearts on his head. He’s a really superb example of a softie.

Webkinz Pink and Purple Cute Peacock Toy for GirlsYoung girls in particular are likely to fall in love with this super cute Get this Pink and Purple Webkinz Plush Toy.

Webkinz is a very popular make of stuffed toys for kids because they all come with some special codes which help children to also collect and build a virtual family of animals and pets online on the child-friendly and fun Webkinz website.

So far, they have come out with two different designs. This one shown here which is geared towards girls who love pink and purple shades and there is also a more traditional color green and blue version too that you can look out for.

Personally I prefer the traditional colors for this magnificent bird but for girls who really love pink, you can’t go wrong with this buy. I hope you are finding this goody guide to be useful because it has been written with care. You will find other options for this stuffed toy below.

Folkmanis Peacock Puppet Toy

Click the image to view this Special Folkmanis Puppet at Amazon

More of a special purchase for children and adults, is this truly wonderful peacock puppet by Folkmanis who specialize in making realistic looking animal puppets. The tail plumage is the most spectacular I’ve seen on any of the plushies available and I love how the eyes stand out really well against the green feathers.

Children can enjoy more play and interaction with a puppet such as this one and adults can join in the fun too. Make this bird’s head and tail feathers move in a realistic fashion and create imaginary stories and tales around him. If this puppet is too large, there is also a smaller (albeit slightly less detailed) one available as well in the range.

Furby Peacock ToyThis bird is so popular that even Furbies want in on the act! Personally, I really don’t care for these toys but my daughter loves Furby toys and so do most of her female friends and classmates.

Children seem to like the gimmick of this Get a Furby Interactive Plush Toy which is also compatible with apps from the Apple and Google stores for iPads/iPods and Android devices.

You don’t need to use an app with it but if you don’t then half the ‘fun’ is gone. Kids can play with these odd looking creatures and get them to respond to tickles, tail pulls and hugs etc and the electronic eyes will change appropriately. It is rather loud and annoying for adults and will chew through batteries. But children seem to love them regardless!

Whether you opt for a weird looking Furby or a more realistic looking peacock plush is really dependent on who you’re buying for but one thing is for sure – anyone who loves this species of bird will be delighted to receive their own to care for.


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