PocketPlug: A Handy All-in-One iPhone Wall Charger Case

PocketPlug: A Handy All-in-One iPhone Wall Charger Case

Yesterday my friend Linda was going ballistic over a dead phone battery. She had to check in on her teenage son who was home alone on a Friday night, three hours away, but not a glimmer of life in her precious iPhone 5.  Linda practically tore her car apart looking for her phone charger – until the moment she realized she must’ve dropped it out of the car when she stopped for gas on the highway. Stranded at her aged dad’s house for the weekend, way out in the country, and no power to her iPhone!

PocketPlug for the iPhone 5If ever there was a case for the PocketPlug by Prong, that’s a classic.

Simply put, PocketPlug is an iPhone case that turns into a wall charger.  A pair of built-in prongs set into the back can swing out to create a plug, adapting the case itself into a charger you can use with pretty much any standard electrical outlet in the United States, Canada, or Mexico.

No extra gear to carry, nothing to lose or leave behind. (Although it does come with a micro USB port, too, so you can charge up via micro USB cord, if that’s sometimes more convenient for you.) Just a convenient way to get juice into your phone without dragging around a block and cable.

Got a wall outlet?

You’ve got a way to charge your phone.

If the name PocketPlug doesn’t sound familiar to you, that’s no surprise and no reflection on the geek grapevine. For one thing, it is new on the market – and for another, it flew under the working name of  JuiceTank while in development as one of the hottest crowd-funding projects on Kickstarter in recent years.

Now, you’d think PocketPlug might be bulky, given the heft of the other charging options out there, but surprisingly not so. The case adds a little shy of a quarter-inch to the thickness of your bare device, and lengthens the whole by around a half-inch. The relatively slim figure is because PocketPlug isn’t a piggy-backing battery block you have to drag around, just a lightweight adapter that protects your phone against life’s little bumps and scratches at the same time as it stands by, ready to swing into action when you need to top up.

This isn’t a slippery case, by the way – it’s got that “soft touch” finish, so it’s not going to pop in and out of the front pocket of your skinny jeans – but then again, it’s less likely to go flying out of your hand in a moment of careless enthusiasm, too.

One downside, at least for those who live in their earbuds, is the depth of the headphone port – you’ll want to have a set of buds with a straight jack to make it all the way in. For my friend Linda, however, who mostly uses her phone to talk and text when she’s running all those endless soccer-mom errands, the need to be picky about earphone jacks  is hardly a deal breaker.

Key for Linda is the ability to charge up her phone fast while she’s still at work, then hit the road fully powered when quitting time comes – no worry about whether she remembered to grab her charger on the way out the door, or to find it in a hurry amid the pile of detritus that collects behind the seat of her SUV after the kids have used it for the weekend.

Hand swings out the charging prongs on a PocketPlug iPhone case

Case + Charger = Pocketplug

Check Price

Available now, via the manufacturer’s own site or shipped via Amazon, in your choice of colors: all-black, black with blue or red accents, and white.

Prong LLC gives a one year warranty against defects in workmanship or materials, too. You’re SOL if the dog chews on your case or your kid drops it in the flush, of course, but hey, how often does that kind of thing happen? If you’re like my pal Linda… not more than once or twice a year.


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