Popular Ninjago Clothes Including Pajamas and Hoodies

Popular Ninjago Clothes Including Pajamas and Hoodies

It’s amazing how Popular Ninjago clothes for boys have become. Little Ninjas are running around everywhere, and having fun. Find Ninjago clothes, pajamas, and bedding for your child, including the popular Ninjago clothing Rebooted.


Whether it’s toys or clothing….boys will be boys, full of energy, and they know what they like. Lego Ninjago has been the most popular toy for the past couple years. They were going to retire them at the end of 2013, but decided to continue the cartoon series after so many parents complained, and now we are waiting for the Lego Ninjago Movie that’s tentatively set to be released September 23, 2016.

With the new Ninjago Movie coming out, you can bet your Ninja fan will be excited. I know that the kids that love Ninjago love the clothing, and bedding. I know this because I had 3 young sons that loved dressing up as their favorite characters. Plus I was very surprised at how many of these pajamas, underwear, and hoodies sold last year!

Ninjago Hoodies Red, Blue, Black, Green

Little boys love the face hoodies.These have been very popular, especially the green hoodie, and this year the gold final battle is very popular. Each year there is a new theme that coincides with what the cartoon series. 2012 was all about the Green Ninja, and 2013 is about the final battle with Lloyd as the Gold Ninja. The Masters of Spinjitzu , and the Rebooted line were the 2014  Ninjago must haves.  Several new hoodies came out, and the one thing you want to really watch for is some of the clothing runs small.  If in doubt, get the next size up. If your child is like mine, they have their favorites and you can find most of them online.

Choose the Ninjago Hoodie You Like

The Masters of Spinjitzu was the 2014 Ninjago must have, as well as the Attack of the Nindroids game and all the favorite Ninjago characters clothing.

Ninjago Pajamas and Bedding for those Ninja Fans

My sons loved pajamas with their favorite cartoon or movie characters, and what little boy doesn’t like Ninjago? Next to the hoodies pajamas are perhaps the most popular item of clothing for boys. Featuring really cool Ninjago designs it is hard to resist giving your son a pair or two of the different style pajamas!

Lego Ninjago Rebooted Boys Pajamas Sizes 4-12

Your little Ninja will be able to dream of winning battles in their themed bed. They have their Ninjago pajamas and now they can have the new bedding.  Each year you can find something a bit different, and once the movie gets closer to being released you will find more styles.

Ninja Underwear for Boys

What little boy doesn’t like themed underwear? These Lego Ninja Ninjago underwear have all the characters on them, and come in packs of 5 briefs. The boxer style ones can be used for sleep shorts or as regular boxers.

Ninjago Boys Briefs

More choices and sizes of Underwear





Ninjago Boys T-shirts

More Ninjago Boys T-shirts Different Styles and Characters

Regardless of the characters your child likes, they will love having any of these popular clothing items.


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