Princess Amber Costume from Sofia the First

Princess Amber Costume from Sofia the First

What Makes a Good Children’s Story?

While an engaging lead character is necessary for a book or show to succeed, there is also a need for a likable supporting cast. These characters need to interact with the protagonist, provide comedic relief, teach lessons, and most importantly, they help move the story along. Of course, there must also be a foil or antagonist, otherwise you have a happy-go-lucky show that will hold very little interest for an extended period of time.

Even in the best children’s television shows, there needs to be an antagonist that makes the main character look good and convey the lesson of good versus bad. These characters cannot be too bad, but their oppositional behavior must be obvious enough for even the youngest child to see.

In the Disney Junior movie Once Upon a Princess, there were two “bad guys”. One was the evil royal sorcerer, Cedric, and the other was Princess Amber, her new step-sister.

Princess Amber Began as a Royal Antagonist

Princess Amber was not happy about her father’s remarriage. While viewers do not know what happened to her and her twin brother, James’, mother, we do know that she is no longer in the picture. Amber was used to being the only girl in the castle, and when Queen Miranda and Sofia moved in, her royal feathers were ruffled big time.

Ever the snob, Amber spoke to Sofia in a condescending tone of voice throughout most of the movie. She was pretty much exasperated with her new step-sister and her lack of knowledge about royal protocol.

While this nastiness is very subtle and something the perky Sofia does not notice, there is one big incident that finally makes Amber feel ashamed of her actions. At Royal Prep Academy, Sofia needed to master how to dance for her very first ball, which was to mark her debut.

Sofia is incredibly nervous about the dance, so much so, that Amber offers her a pair of “special shoes” for her to practice in during dance class. These purple shoes are magical and have a mind of there own, causing Sofia to twirl around the room and have no control over her movements. She eventually falls flat on her face in front of everyone.

Quite humiliating, to say the least.

Amber offers a faux apology that Sofia and James see right through.

Eventually, Amber realizes that she was wrong and apologizes to her new sister. Along with Sofia, she helps to save the royal family and their guests from the perpetual slumber Cedric’s spell cast over them.

Princess Amber Costume and Accessories

In the Sofia the First television series, Amber is still a bit of a snob, but she is no longer mean. Cedric is the full time bad guy. Her snobbery is slowly melting away as Sofia teaches her life lessons about what it means to be a good person.

Here is an authentic Disney Store costume of Sofia the First's Princess Amber.


Princess Amber Costume from Amazon

This is an official Disney licensed costume. The dress comes right to the calf, and like all Disney princess dresses, it has a cameo of the character right in in the center of the dress.  It has bell sleeves and a layer of decorated tulle. It comes in a set with the Sofia the First costume as well to make a fun addition to a dress up trunk.

Princess Amber always has a fashionable tiara to match her outfit. This gold one will match her yellow costume.

Gold Plastic Tiara with Combs from Amazon

Her royal highness is very fond of her tiaras, so do not forget to buy your favorite girl a yellow one to match the dress. Two more great accessories to add to an Amber costume is a parasol and a fan. She is frequently holding one or the other. Typically, her fans are a contrasting color, so they can pop as an accessory.

Child Beautiful Princess Costume

Child Beautiful Princess Costume from Amazon

Another Princess Amber costume idea is to buy a yellow princess gown and let your daughter’s imagination soar! This ruffled skirt has a hoop underneath to help it retain it’s shape. Long sleeves are practical for cold, October nights! The crown is sold separately.

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