Princess and Knight Theme Party Favors

Party favors are a small treat that kids really hope to receive right at the end of a really fun-filled birthday occasion. It is fairly easy to find suitable little items with a princess theme for girls and knight themed items for boys are also available, though sometimes much less abundant. You can get a selection of these end-of-the-party and goody bag gifts complete with this duo theme on this page. The princess and knights theme is a great one for hosting a fun event for both boys and girls and it allows a lot of scope for creativity and imagination.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on take-home items for the kids because in many cases you can buy in bulk. Small items like children’s tattoos, stickers, pens, pencils, erasers, themed candy, pin badges, magnets and inexpensive plastic toys are all acceptable choices. You could even make something yourself such as themed cookies, cupcakes or cake pops that can be given as favors instead. Let me rescue you from your ivory tower and whisk you over to a fun selection.

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Disney Princess Party Favor Pack 48 Pieces

Disney Princess Favor Pack

There are lots of sets of princess favor packs that you can buy as well as getting bulk items at a discounted price. There are cute bracelets, necklaces, wands, crowns and tiaras, pencil and pen sets, erasers, stickers and tattoos and even little figurines that you can get hold of too. This one which features Disney princesses offers what I think is a rather inexpensive selection of items for your event. It contains 8 Mini notebooks, 8 Puzzle mazes, 8 Bracelets, 8 Crystal rings, 8 Beaded necklaces with charms and 8 Spin tops.


Set of 12 Assorted Crusader Knight Figures

Knight themed favors can sometimes be harder to obtain but you can always buy sets or tubes of small figurines like these Medieval inspired ones that you can pop into bags and boxes for the kids to take home. As well as those there are stickers and tattoos, foam swords and crowns, play shield and sword sets (though they can be large and a little more expensive) and blowouts. If you’re stuck on ideas, how about making some of your own treats like themed cupcakes and cookies.

Stickers can be individually cut from sheets and popped inside favor bags and boxes but they are also very useful additions for your celebration planning too. Use stickers to close down the flap of a bag, to decorate your gift boxes, make your own gift tags, use as co-ordinated envelope seals and to make cards too. They are very versatile and worth buying in bulk for your birthday celebration. You can get some in bulk from stores online such as Zazzle which are perfect because they illustrate the theme of the celebration perfectly – plus they can be customized with the name of your birthday child too!

Knight in Armor Sticker Soldier (Dover Little Activity Books Paper Dolls)

Little Activity Book Knight in Armor Sticker Soldier

Dover make lots of very small activity books which are inexpensive to purchase. We have used these before for party favors and they look really cute. With this one you can dress and re-dress the knight character with the 12 included reusable stickers.

Stickers sheets are an easy pick. When they come in large sheets, I cut them up individually or into strips of stickers to pop in the bag. Children very often also enjoy having temporary tattoos put on them at parties and they also enjoy receiving them in favor packs too. You can easily purchase individual and sheets of themed tattoos in bulk.

Keychains are easy little items to pop into favor bags or boxes. They make cute little gifts that kids can keep and make use of too. My daughter is too young to have keys but she loves hanging keychains on princess bags to accessorize them and even off her belt as a unique fashion style. They can be clipped or hung on to a wide variety of items which makes them a great little gift to add to the assortment of favor gifts that you’re buying. Magnets are another good choice as party favors because they can be popped onto the kitchen refrigerator or a magnetic board.

A much more cost-effective choice for parties is to buy some blank photo frame keychains in bulk and print out your own themed images, text or photos to snap inside. If you have time to create your own favors, this is a really good option. You can print off a photo of your own party princess and knight or just use your own word processor to create some catchy and colorful slogans that you can print off, cut out and use. What about a photo with text at the bottom to say: thanks for coming to our party! These are a good size to pop into goody bags.

If you have time to spare with your party planning, consider making up your very own pinback badges. You can get clear disks (look for clear buttons by Darice) that open up so there is a front and a back piece which then snap over the top of your own photo or design. You can add a photo inside of the birthday boy and girl or print off some cute themed images to use instead.

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