Products For Left Handed People

Products  For Left Handed People

If you are left handed like I am, you would probably agree it can be frustrating to use certain products that are designed for right handed people.  One out of ten people in this world are southpaws, so we are not as rare as some people might think.  We regularly need to adapt to a right handed world.

Thankfully there were some people who were creative enough to realize we can really benefit from certain items that have been made especially for us.  I don’t remember having any left handed products to use in childhood, and some of them would have been very handy.  I struggled with a right handed desk, just like you see here.  You may have noticed  that  every desk in the photo is for right handers!  If you have had to write on one that seemed opposite to what it should have been, you will certainly understand how awkward it is.  We need one to sit on, and another for writing.

Simple, everyday tasks can be much easier to do with the right products to use.

Left handed pen.  See this on Amazon.

Left handed pen. See this on Amazon.

Pens for Left Handers

I had not thought that a pen like this would make much difference.  However, these pens really do help make writing easier.

For one thing, it is curved to make it easier to handle. The pen is shaped specifically for the left hand.  Secondly, the ink dries really fast.  I can remember getting frustrated in school  because the words on the paper would get smudged so easily, and ink would end up on the hand.  This is almost impossible to avoid if you are writing quickly with a regular pen.   This pen helps avoid those problems.   It can be particularly beneficial for kids who are just learning how to write.

Unfortunately, these cost more than regular pens, but they do make life easier.  The pens last for quite some time also.



Vegetable Peeler for Left Handers

Veggie and fruit peeler.  See it on Amazon.

Veggie and fruit peeler. See it on Amazon.

If you have struggled to peel potatoes or other hard vegetables, it’s probably because you didn’t have the right peeler to do the job.  My hands would get tired quickly peeling large batches of potatoes, turnip and other similar veggies.

There are peelers available that are specific for southpaws, but they cost about three times as much as other ones.  The solution I found was one that is equally effective for either hand.  That is the case with this item.

It is not difficult to cut even hard items using this.  It also cuts the skin only, which reduces waste.  More importantly, you will be leaving most of the nutrition intact.  A lot of vitamins and minerals are directly underneath the skin, so you don’t want to cut any more than you have to.

The peeler works well on soft items too, such as tomatoes and other soft fruit.  It will reduce strain on the hands because you don’t have to press hard.

To ensure it will remain long lasting, hand washing is recommended.  It only takes a minute to clean in soapy water anyway.  It’s rust resistant too.

Left hand scissors.  See on Amazon.

Left hand scissors. See on Amazon.

Left Hand Scissors

Scissors can be one of the worst thing for left handers to use.  Regular ones are backwards to us.  They can cause hand strain, and it’s easy to cut yourself.  The solution is scissors that are made for southpaws.

My mom bought me one quite awhile ago, and I was amazed at the difference it made.  They are too big for cutting nails safely, but I’ve found a small scissor seems to work fine for that purpose.   However, these larger ones are perfect for cutting most other things.

If you like to work on crafts and do a lot of cutting, you will probably find this to be very comfortable and much easier to use.

 Left Hand Utensil Set

Left Hand Utensils.  See it on Amazon.

Left Hand Utensils. See it on Amazon.

Now this is what utensils should look like!  Things like this are not commonly sold in stores, and I don’t know why.  Southpaws are a decent sized  market businesses could be catering to.  However, most of the time they don’t.

This utensil set is made with bamboo.  In recent years bamboo has become very popular.  It’s a renewable resource and environmentally friendly.  It’s also very useful for cooking  because it can tolerate high temperatures.  Bamboo is also attractive and durable.

Famous Left Handed People

Did you know that three of the last four Presidents have been  left handed?  Only George W. Bush was a right hander.  President Obama uses his left hand, and so did his challenger in 2008, John McCain.  I thought that was  an interesting bit of trivia.  Quite a few actors are southpaws too.  That includes Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey, and Robert Redford.

At one time it was quite common for parents or teachers to get a child who was naturally left handed to start  using their right. Maybe years ago some well meaning people thought it would be too difficult for the child to grow up in a right handed world.  Some may have thought it would bring bad luck to not conform.  That doesn’t seem to be the case today.  There may have been a social stigma against southpaws but it no longer exists today. Thankfully as well  some items exist that have been  made particularly with us in mind.


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    • Yes, left handed items are hard to find in any store. I’m not sure now where my mom found the scissors. It was quite a few years ago, and they sure came in handy.

  • There is a large enough portion of the population who could really make use of more left-handed products being made available. Most of my family are left-handed except me and these make practical gift ideas too.


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