Purim Baskets for Mishloach Manot

Purim Baskets for Mishloach Manot

Gift Baskets for Purim That Everyone Will Love to Receive!

The Jewish holiday of Purim is a fun and joyous one! It is not as well known as Chanukah or Rosh Hashanah, but for Jews it is certainly a holiday that is looked forward to year after year.

Why is this?

Purim is a holiday where Jews are permitted to be silly while inside the sanctuary. Unlike other days, when people are expected to dress up for services, on Purim both children and adults come to services dressed in costume. Even the clergy is dressed in one!

At our synagogue, there is always a theme to the Purim service. The rabbis and cantor dress alike (one year it was The Village People, another they dressed up as superheroes) and then conclude the service with a song and dance number. The prayers are silly, the readings are silly, and it is just a lot of fun! We simply enjoy watching them all let their hair down.

It is also traditional for Jews to give each other Purim baskets, called mishloach manot, as a friendly greeting of the holiday.

Purim falls on the 14th of Adar on the Jewish calendar. On the Gregorian calendar, Purim falls anywhere from late February to mid-March. Purim celebrates the story of how Queen Esther of Shushan saved the Jewish people from the wicked Haman, who wanted them all killed. Jewish children dress in costume and give out Purim gift baskets-mishloach manot– to friends and family. Adults can dress if they so desire.

Purim gift baskets can be simple or fancy, there are no rules on how to make them. Some families choose to make a themed basket for Purim, while others simply fulfill Jewish law and give at least two ready to eat food items in it.

Here are some ideas for mishloach manot gift baskets.

How to Make the Holiday Fun – Create Family Traditions!


Ever year on Purim, my kids and I love to make the traditional cookie called hamantaschen. It is a triangular shape and it is traditionally filled with poppy seeds or raspberry filling. However, in our home, we do not use either of those!

Chocolate chips, Hershey kisses, grape jelly and my son’s favorite, apricot preserves, are the fillings that we choose. My son and I make a special trip to the market together for the apricot preserves, as this is the only time of year that we buy it.

My daughter is a perfectionist when it comes to baking, and she makes the best hamantaschen in the house! Her triangles must be “just so” or she starts all over. The photo you see was taken last Purim and she experimented with different kinds of chocolate, including M&M’s.

Purim Baskets for Children

If you want to choose gifts that relate to the holiday, Purim puppets would be a lot of fun for the younger set. It has all of the major characters of the story and the children can reenact it at home.

Purim Pop Up Puppets / Set of 4 from Amazon





You can also choose from an assortment of groggers for children. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

A Purim puzzle can be done over and over again, long after the holiday is over. This is great for fine motor and cognitive skills.

Purim masks make a cute add on to a mishloach manot basket. They can be used for dress up after the holiday is over.

Purim Gifts for Adults

What else can you put inside the mishloach manot basket?

Adults love Purim, too, so in addition to the two required food items, here are a few ideas that will delight the gift recipient.

Purim Costume T Shirts
Purim Costume T Shirts by JewDaika
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For those who do not like to dress up a Purim tee shirt would make a comical gift to put inside the basket. A hamantaschen tie, some cookies, or a funny grogger can also be placed in a gift basket for adults.




It is a fun experience to give mishloach manot baskets to family and friends.


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