Put a Piano Lamp on Your Desk

Put a Piano Lamp on Your Desk

Piano Lamps are Not Just for Pianos – Consider using one for a desk lamp!

Yes, you can put a piano lamp on your desk.  It works out quite well, in fact!

Years ago, I gave my piano to my daughter, so the grand kids could learn to play. Sadly, they never did.  But, I still have a piano lamp.  I use it in my home office, and it adds a nice, classic touch to the decor there.

The nice thing about a piano lamp is that, with most of them, you can adjust the angle of the ‘arm’ that holds the actual lamp part.  Many people use goose neck lamps for the same reason, but those are far less attractive, in my opinion.

It’s not the only source of light in my office.  It probably wouldn’t be adequate as a single light source, but it does provide the extra bit of illumination that I need sometimes when I’m working late at night. If I needed one that provided more light, I’d probably consider replacing it with something like the one shown above, which burns two bulbs.


my piano lamp Mine is a smaller model that uses a single bulb.
While I don’t keep it on my desk, which is smallish, I do have it on the matching filing cabinet right next to the desk. It looks just fine there, as you can see in the accompanying photo.


Even a small work at home space can help you to feel more motivated when it is attractive, well organized, and has good lighting.  Piano lamps provide additional lighting, and a special touch to your home office decor.


A Piano Lamp for Your Desk

The House of Troy, head quartered in Vermont, has been supplying the music community with quality hand crafted piano lamps for over five decades.

A Piano Lamp for Your Desk

House Of Troy AP14-41-91 Advent Collection 12-Inch Adjustable Piano/Desk Portable Lamp, Oil Rubbed Bronze


This example, in the popular oil rubbed bronze finish, uses dual bulbs.  You’ll want a two bulb lamp if you are really needing to augment a primary lighting source, rather than just providing an attractive accent light to enhance your decor.  The hinged arm allows for adjustments in height up to 12″.

This is one of two on my list to consider when I am ready to replace my existing one.  The other one is of brass, and is a bit larger

Note that you can use wither 40 watt incandescent or  7 watt tubular CFL bulbs with this lamp.

This model is also available in a polished brass finish.



Think outside the box.  Put a piano lamp on your nightstand!


If You Have a Piano  (Or Even If You Don’t)

Piano Lamp  Used to Light Music

Piano Lamp Used to Light Music

Photo credit: anda2007 from morguefile.com

Of course, if you’re fortunate enough to have a piano (and doubly fortunate in that you’ve learned to play it) you’ll want a proper lamp for it.  There’s nothing worse than having to squint and lean into your sheet music in order to see the notes.

I sure do miss my piano, but it’s nice having a reminder of it nearby when I am working at home.

If you are pianoless, like me, you can always use one on your desk, or maybe even on the nightstand beside your bed.  A piano lamp is a lovely and quite classic looking lighting option that go with a wide variety of decorating themes.



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