Reduce Swelling From Arthritis of the Hand

Reduce Swelling From Arthritis of the Hand

swollen hand painSwelling of the hand and wrist caused by arthritis (or other traumas) can be quite painful, but how do you reduce the swelling?

I had a bad fall, and sustained a major injury to my arm; broke the rotor cuff bone (by the elbow), tore the ligaments and tendons, and dislocated my wrist.  Swelling of the hand was just one of the after effects, but one that interferes with my therapy.

My Occupational Therapy specialist has been trying to get the swelling of my hand down for awhile now, but nothing worked.  The Dr. tried steroids, she tried other things. One day after I thought all the swelling was gone she said, “we need to get the swelling down and manage the pain.” That’s when she gave me a pair of these arthritis gloves. I read the box, and while I was reading another person doing hand therapy said he uses them every day and they’re “great!”

Arthritis Gloves to reduce swelling of the hand

Imak Arthritis Gloves

I got a pair of large gloves, and even these felt pretty tight with all the swelling in my hand. It’s important to get the right size which might mean you need to order a larger size than you might normally wear. After a couple days, and after some water therapy I was able to finally get these gloves onto my hand. I couldn’t believe how comfortable they are.

Benefits of the IMAK Arthritis Gloves

  • Helps reduce swelling of the hand
  • Keeps hands warm
  • Mild compression
  • Fingerless to allow typing and other fine motor activities
  • Soft, washable material
  • Thin enough to wear under Winter gloves

Swollen hand with arthritis glove

I’m very happy with my IMAK Arthritis Gloves, and another benefit is with my brace my hand will no longer be cold at night, and we all know that cold is not good for arthritis of the hand (or injured hands either).


Baby Boomer that was getting ready to live the RV lifestyle until I shattered my arm in the summer of 2013. Since that time I have been told umpteen times that I have a "very bad injury" and continue doing exercises, trying to get function, range of motion, and use of my arm and hand. This is my life right now, so this is what I will be writing about, and recommending some of the better products I have used, or am using right now.


  • These look really warm and comfortable! So many of these therapeutic things are downright ugly. Glad that they are helping with your healing.

  • I’m sorry to read about your arm, Kathy. I hope that is healing well now. Sounds like these gloves could be very useful: I get Carpal Tunnel and sometimes I wear wrist supports that can help. And I often wear fingerless gloves for typing with since I feel the cold really easily. These look like a very good option.

    • Yes, these gloves really do help. For me, I just keep doing what I’m told to do…and hoping that one day soon my hand and arm will be functional again.


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