Retro Halloween Costumes from 1960’s TV Shows

Retro Halloween Costumes from 1960’s TV Shows

Many Baby Boomers fondly remember television programs from their youth, and now you can dress as your favorite character in retro Halloween costumes from 1960’s TV shows.  During the 1960’s, many programs began in black and white and ended their runs in color.  These programs were given an opportunity to find and audience and grow, filming as many as thirty episodes in a season.  Some shows that were canceled after only two or three seasons can still be seen today, over forty years since they last appeared in prime time.

The Brady Bunch Halloween Costumes

Very few television families have been as loved as the Brady Bunch.  It premiered on ABC in September 1969 and ran until spring 1974.  It was avant guard for its time, since it showed a blended family.  The first season focused on the new family getting used to each other, and subsequent seasons had them getting along as if they grew up together since birth.

Marcia Brady Sunshine Day costume- a fun idea for your Halloween costume!

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After the original Brady Bunch program went off the air, several different television series featuring most of the original cast were televised.  America never tired of the Brady family!

You can dress as Greg Brady/Johnny Bravo for Halloween

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There is a costume for many members of the Brady family, from big brother Greg to lisping little sister, Cindy.  There is even an Alice costume!  Wigs are also available so you can replicate Carol Brady’s signature flip, Mike’s curly ‘fro and Jan’s side curls.

The Munsters Halloween Costumes

Another favorite family that was on the television scene from 1964-1966 was The Munsters.  They resemble monsters and believe that it their niece Marilyn, who looks like a normal person, is the “homely” one.  It ran for two seasons and still has legions of fans today.

Dress as Lily Munster for a retro Halloween look

Lily and Herman Munster Costume, as well as Eddie and Grandpa Costumes are Available at Halloween Express

Dress as Herman Munster for a fun Halloween costume

The main characters were hard working Herman, his devoted wife Lily, son Eddie, Grandfather, and Marilyn.  Retro Halloween costumes for all of the Munsters can be worn and everyone will know who you are!  Grandpa and Herman masks can really make you look authentic.

I Dream of Jeannie Halloween Costumes

In 1965, an astronaut crashes on a beach and finds a bottle in the sand.  He rubs it, and out comes a beautiful genie who is now at his beck and call.  Major Nelson and Jeannie were a hot item, but 1960’s TV was innocent and nothing happened until they got married-even though Jeannie pranced around in a harem outfit.

I Dream of jeannie Halloween costume for women comes in all sizes.

These “I Dream of Jeannie” Costumes Can be Found Here

Major Anthony Nelson Halloween costume

It seems silly now, but in 1965, Barbara Eden was forbidden to show her navel on prime time television.  You will look anything but silly in this authentic looking Jeannie costume and wig.  If you go as a couple, have your partner wear a uniform and carry the genie bottle to play major Anthony Nelson.

Gilligan’s Island Halloween Costumes

Another program with a short three year run that has lived in reruns forever, Gilligan’s Island was set on a tropical island. After the Skipper and Gilligan saved themselves and their five passengers, they spent the next three years trying in vain to get off the island.  While that would not happen until a 1978 television movie that finally rescued the seven castaways.

Dress like the girl next door with this Gilligan's Island Mary Ann costume

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A fun Halloween costume from this 1960’s television show would be to dress as Mary Ann or Ginger, depending if you like the wholesome look or the movie diva.

You could also dress as Gilligan or the Skipper.

Dress as the title character, Gilligan, from Gilligan's Island, for Halloween


Gilligan and Skipper Costumes Available on Amazon


Dress as the Skipper from Gilligan's Island for Halloween this year.

The Addams Family Halloween Costumes

Another 1960’s television program that featured your no so average American family was The Addams Family.  Based on the comic panels of Charles Addams, this funny family who loved to play thought that they were normal and the rest of the world was not.

You can choose from:

A Gomez costume

A Morticia costume

A Wednesday costume

An Uncle Fester costume

Morticia Addams costume for Halloween

These Addams Family Costumes and More Available on Amazon

Gomez Addams costume for Halloween


Batman and Robin Halloween Costumes

Batman, the series, which aired 120 episodes from 1966-1968, showed the Caped Crusader and his sidekick Robin at their campiest.  While small children loved the action, it was somewhat comedic to adults who knew better.  With highly talented guest stars to play the male villains and very sexy actresses to play Catwoman, it was fun to tune in and watch.

Classic television Batman costume for Halloween

Batman and Robin Costumes Available on Amazon


Classic 1960's Robin the Boy Wonder costume


Dressing up as classic Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder, will have everyone singing at the top of their lungs the Batman theme song.

These retro Halloween costumes from 1960’s television programs are sure to get you into the holiday spirit.

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