Rustic Country Decorating Ideas

Rustic Country Decorating Ideas

If you love the elements of more rustic country living, here are some mesmerizing country decorating ideas to kick-start your home decor. I love the idea of simple country living and more if it contains a rather rustic country theme. A grandfather’s clock that strikes a cock a doodle do every hour, a rooster in the kitchen, an aging wine on the wrought iron rack and a shabby chic dining table are some of the ideas that can transform your house into a bucolic type of grandeur. It also gives your creative juices a chance to ponder and put them to use.

Bear Themed Rug

Universal Rugs
Elements of Rustic Decor

A great way of enhancing your rustic home is to use some older and weathered collectibles such as: wooden tables, old post cards, fishing equipment,  wooden oars, country baskets, bird-houses, old magazines and country music records. There is no limit to the imagination; in fact the sky is the limit.

However, visualizing the idea is one thing and turning it into a practical reality is altogether different. The countryside and the charm of country living is a subject that most people love. People who are used to an urban life and the modern requirements of an air conditioned house cannot in their wildest imaginations believe that it is possible to live in a country house without any real fuss. Fresh, unpolluted air is available without the need to use air fresheners. Vineyards, farms and the forest give the look of a pure and unadulterated environment which is fast becoming a luxury.

Rustic Country Decor with Wrought Iron

Nothing can be more enchanting than using wrought iron as a material for country themed decor. It is the most common material and easily available for country decorating ideas. Its uses are numerous – wrought iron can be used for garden fencing, marking path-ways and garden benches. Wrought iron furniture can also be used indoors which gives an inherent country feel. This indoor iron furniture can be painted in country colors of mauve, olive green, hot burgundy and, used along with matching linen, can be made extremely attractive. Rust may not be appealing to have indoors so take care of your wrought iron furniture by getting a good finish with polishing or painting it.

Sculptures made of Wrought Iron

Magnificent sculptures made of wrought iron can be displayed in garden. Outdoor fountains, rocks and birdbaths can make your garden spectacularly pastoral. Online stores created by artists have unique decor items especially for rustic look decor. You can use them either for inside the home or outside with your garden decor. The sculptures come in various sizes and shapes. You can also find original, unique sculptures in arts and crafts exhibitions and stores. Garden wall plaques and flags can provide a complete makeover to an otherwise dull and lackluster garden.

Metal Wall Decor With Flowers

Metal Wall Decor With Colorful Flowers Over Round Base by Benzara

Old Country Farmhouse

Who does not find country living enticing? A sustained country life full of greenery is what most people dream of after the retirement. If you are already on the verge of retirement or planning to retire, it could be time that you did the planning for your country farm-house. Use a rustic theme such as French, English or Italian home decor elements. Or if you already have a farmhouse abandoned and left alone, it is probably the right time to renovate. Some old charm with a warm and comfortable ambiance is a thing to contemplate. You can use your old farmhouse during vacation too.

Country Decorating with Themes

When it comes to home decor with this theme, let your imagination run free for unique inspiration. You can go for a villa made in a county French or Tuscan style. Use flowers, rivers and wild-life themes for the indoors. Some of the wild life that finds a prominent place in this decorating idea are animals like wolves, moose, bear, fowl, rabbits, sheep and squirrels.

You can adorn rugs, doors, tables, hammocks, chairs – every single furniture piece and linen with one of those animals or birds. You can even have snow clad mountains, rivers and valleys to complement them too.

Country Home Decor for Living Rooms

You can make a dramatic impression with decorative mirrors, stained glass windows customized signatures, murals and plaques. Tapestries, scenery and oil paintings look fabulous and match well with wrought iron furniture.

A wide selections of rugs and carpets customized for lodge and cabin floor coverings are available to choose from. You will  find a range of themes from tribal motifs, lodge rugs, braided jute baskets, still life and screen-printed wildlife animal patterns from a good old  rustic country store.

Antler Table Lamps


Ashley Antlers Table Lamps, Set of 2

Country Lighting Themes

Other rustic decor features that you can stress is with using lighting for magical effect. You can either light up the rooms in white or yellow. You can also become adventurous and try out neon lights for more modern colors. Search for stained glass floor and table lamps, folk-art style bathroom vanity light fixtures, magnificent old chandeliers, and wall sconces in home-decor stores.

Evergreen bush and shrubs, woods and metal work with elegant craftsmanship usually gives a classic feeling. Decorate the walls with scenic wildlife, jungle pictures in frames and double matting. They will come to life with the light fixtures.

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