Saint Patrick’s Day Inflatables and Outdoor Yard Decorations

Saint Patrick’s Day Inflatables and Outdoor Yard Decorations

There is a saying that everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day. When I taught elementary school, the kindergarten teacher, who was Irish, made all of the staff shamrocks with our names and the prefix “O'” in front of it. We wore them on our shirts all day long, and made the kids call us by our newly minted names. It is something we looked forward to every year!

In my own home, even though I am Jewish and my husband is Italian, we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. Our twins are adopted and their birth parents are Irish. We honor them and their heritage by celebrating this festive holiday. We eat corn beef and cabbage, make Irish potatoes, and of course, we wear green.

Many people who are not of Irish decent celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with the wearing of the green and by having a party. There are many different Saint Patrick’s Day decorations for your lawn and windows. Whether you are Irish or not, this dcor will light up your home as we all patiently wait for spring to arrive.

Who Are Leprechauns?

Small in stature but high in mischief, leprechauns have been a part of Irish folklore since the eighth century.  Their primary occupation is a cobbler-a shoemaker. They are fairies, but not the good kind that you think of when you hear this word. They like to drink, like to cause trouble, and you had better watch your back if  one decided that he does not like you.

Leprechauns are always men.  They have beards, wear hats and are typically old. Although modern leprechauns appear to be cute and cuddly, when you trace their roots, nothing further from the truth.

Another interesting fact is that in folklore, they did not wear green, nor did they wear the hats you see on them today. These little fairies wore red and had triangular shaped hats.

But since it is not Halloween and mean and nasty does represent the modern day holiday, these leprechaun Saint Patricks Day inflatables will look adorable in your yard!

This leprechaun inflatable is a fun thing to decorate your yard for Saint Patrick's Day.

Airblown Inflatable Leprechaun from Amazon

Leprechauns are supposed to be small, but this 6 foot Saint Patrick’s Day inflatable sure isn’t!  He inflates in minutes and lights up in the night.  It is made of a weatherproof nylon, so if it is cold in your area in March, no worries!  It also comes with a heavy duty fan, lawn stakes, ropes to tether it down, and a spare bulb and fuse.

The Pot of Gold

There is a legend that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. How did this come to be?

You can never see the entire rainbow, just the top arc.  This is because the sun has to be within 42 degree of the horizon either rising or setting.  This is much too low.

According to an article from Michigan Kids, the Irish did not say there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but did say,  “One was as likely to find a pot of gold as to find the end of a rainbow.”  The words got twisted as the years went by.

But have no fear, you can see the pot at the end of this inflatable rainbow!

Saint Patrick's Day inflatable rainbow with pot of gold

Pot Of Gold With Rainbow St. Patrick’s Day Inflatable from Amazon

This Saint Patrick’s Day yard decoration self inflates in seconds.  It lights up and measures 69″ W x 38″ H and will brighten up your yard!


Another Saint Patrick’s Day symbol is the shamrock. It is a three leaf clover, although the four leaf variety is rare and considered to be one that brings good luck.

Saint Patrick used the shamrock to represent the Holy Trinity.  It is a traditional symbol of Ireland.

If you are a fan of string lights, then you will enjoy decorating your front yard with these bright green shamrocks.

Irish Shamrock Light String Set from Amazon

 This set contains 10 lights and is 8 feet long.

Decorate your yard this spring with these symbolic Saint Patrick’s Day yard decorations!


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