Scarlet Overkill Costume Ideas

Scarlet Overkill Costume Ideas

In July 2010, millions of people fell in love with a group of little yellow pill shaped henchmen who were known as minions when they debuted in Despicable Me. These mischievous little guys had moviegoers rolling in the aisles with their zany antics, their slapstick humor and the gibberish they spoke.  No matter what scene they were in, they stole it.

They also stole the show in the 2012 sequel Despicable Me 2, the blockbuster movie that showed what happened to Gru and his daughters after he turned from Super villain to Super Dad. Even when they turned purple because they were injected with a serum by El Macho, there was still something about them that you just could not ignore.

Due to their overwhelming popularity, the minions have been given their very own feature film, which is set to hit the big screen on July 10, 2015.

The Plot of the Minion Movie

In The Minions Movie, we get to know about their life before they met Gru.

Minions Movie Poster 2 Sided ORIGINAL Advance 27×40 MICHAEL KEATON

While we know a lot about the personalities of the minions, we do not know how they came to be assistants to Gru and his sidekick, Dr. Nefario. Where did they come from? How did they come to be?

These questions will be answered in the upcoming film.

At the beginning of the movie, we see that minions have existed since the dawn of time. They have only one goal, and it is to serve the most despicable master of all. There was never a problem finding someone to serve, but due to their behavior, they inadvertently hurt and destroyed whomever they served. Whether it was having a dinosaur meet an untimely death or a crowd of Egyptians who accidentally got in the way of a pyramid being put in place, no one whom they served survived for long.

Since servitude is what they live for, when they had no one to work for, they became depressed and sullen.

In 1968, three minions set out to find a new master and find purpose in their lives once again. Kevin, Stuart and Bob are the one who go off into the world to find gainful employment in the world of villainy.

After their misadventure of being lost at sea, they find themselves in New York City, 42 years BG (that’s “Before Gru”). They wind up hitchhiking to Orlando to attend Villain-Con.

And whom do they meet?

Scarlet Overkill.

Who is Scarlet Overkill?

We first meet the woman who wants to become the first female Super Villain at Villain-Con, which is a convention of villain wannabes gather together to interact with each other and with potential new super villains.  Since the year is 1968, at the beginning of the feminist movement, one can envision how hard it is for Scarlet to be taken seriously.

Her signature line is, Doesn’t it feel so good to be bad?

Although she can talk sweetly, there is no doubt this woman means business. When telling the minions a bedtime story, she tells a tale that clearly states what will happen to them should they mess up.

And it is not pretty.

She is also married to Herb Overkill, who is a British inventor of many of her devices, including dresses that fly.

Scarlet Overkill has the makings of being one of the most popular characters to dress up as for the upcoming Halloween season.

Here are the clothing items you will need to put your own Scarlet Overkill costume together.

Scarlet Overkill Costume Ideas-The Red Dress

The first thing viewers notice on Scarlet is her dress. It is strapless and bright red. Red is a power color and shows passion, desire, anger and strength. All of these characteristics are possessed by Scarlet, who wants to be the first woman to dominate the all male field of villainy.  The following choices are very similar to what Scarlet wears. More choices can also be found here.

Scarlett Overkill red dress for girls


Red Dress for Girls

Girls who want to dress as a Super-Villain can wear this inexpensive one has gotten very good reviews. There are even long black gloves for girls to go with the dress.

The Long, Black Gloves

In the 1960’s, it was common for women to wear elbow length gloves with their strapless dress.  It gave the illusion of coverage and modesty, while still making women look glamorous as well.

ZaZa 19″ Long 4-Way Stretch Matte Finish Satin Dress Gloves-Black from Amazon

The Bouffant Wig

The movie takes place in 1968, and bouffant hairstyles had not yet been replaced by long, straight hippie style hair. Scarlet has poufy hair on top and a Carol Brady flip at the nape of her neck.

Forum Novelties Women’s Bouffant Costume Wig, Black from Amazon

Rubie’s Costume Dream Glam Diva Wig, Black from Amazon

Scarlet Overkill Accessories

To finish your look, here is a choker necklace like the one Scarlet is wearing.

Twilight’s Fancy 3/8″ Plain Black Velvet Choker Necklace  from Amazon

In the movie, she is also seen wearing white sunglasses like this pair.

Oversized Vintage Inspired Super & Bold Retro Designer Cat Eye Sunglasses (White) from Amazon

The final accessory is this ruby. Whoever claims it got to work for Scarlet. We all know who won that battle!

Here is the ruby that all of the villains had to fight over. It is the finishing touch to your Scarlet Overkill costume!


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