The Secret Life of Pets Backpacks and School Supplies

The Secret Life of Pets Backpacks and School Supplies

Whether kids like it or not, there comes a time when they have to go back to school shopping.  The early bird not only gets the worm, but also her choice of what items she wants to bring on the first day of school.

Children in elementary school like to carry backpacks that have a character on them.  While some classic characters like Hello Kitty and SpongeBob Squarepants have been around forever, each new school year brings a whole new group of favorites that top each child’s must have list.

For Back to School 2016, The Secret Life of Pets backpacks and school supplies are set to become a hit among it’s fans.  The movie trailers have theater audiences howling with laughter. These same trailers have millions of hits on YouTube, proving that Illumination Entertainment just may have another bona fide blockbuster this summer. If this turns out to be true, then the related merchandise promises to fly off the shelves because kids just want to have a piece of the movie’s magic.

How to Choose the Right Backpack

While finding the right character is important to children, there are other things that parents need to be more concerned about.

The first thing to consider is the size of the backpack. Preschoolers need a smaller size because they do not have much more than papers and craft projects to carry, and they are smaller in stature as well. But once kids hit elementary school, the larger 16 inch size is what is required.  Folders, notebooks, binders, and lunch boxes need to fit on the inside without crushing each other.

How many extra compartments a backpack has is also important. While not a necessity when I was growing up, a mesh pocket on the side to hold a water bottle is a must have these days. Because of the focus on health, hydration and the cleanliness of school water fountains, many students carry around a water bottle all day long. It is necessary to keep the water bottle separate from school books and paperwork. The one year we forgot this element for my younger daughter, she saw many wet papers when her unclosed all the way water bottle leaked onto her schoolwork that was inside her bag.

We never made that mistake again!

A compartment to hold snacks for kids who have snack time or lunch money for the cafeteria is also another important element to consider when selecting a backpack. Ideally, a backpack should have one main compartment, one or two smaller ones in front and at least one side pocket for the water bottle. Keeping everything separate makes ife easier for your child, and nothing will get lost at the bottom of the main compartment or slip between the folders and binders.

Thick straps that are adjustable are also an important feature. If a child walks to school, you do not want it to weigh too heavily on his or her back. This can cause back and neck strain in young children that is unnecessary.  If your child is complaining about her backpack being too heavy, then it is time to talk to the teacher about keeping a second set of books at home so this does not become a bigger issue in the future. Your child’s health is important to keep in mind and educator’s are there to support you in any way that they can.

Keeping all of these things in mind, here are some of the most popular choices for Illumination Entertainment’s The Secret Life of Pets backpacks. backpacks. 

The Secret Life of Pets Backpack for Girls

This The Secret Life of Pets backpack for girls features Max and Gidget in a gorgeous ballet pink color.

This backpack is available from Kohl’s.

Your favorite girl will be looking stylish with this ballet pink backpack that features the movie’s two main characters, Max and Gidget. It has padded, adjustable straps that attach to this 16 inch carrier of all your child’s school supplies. The is a compartment in the front that has a zipper and a larger one for bigger items. There are two mesh pockets on either side.

This jazzy backpack also has gold lettering on the top that reads “I heart Mutts” and it also has reflective piping and tape.

This Secret Life of Pets Gidget backpack for girls is absolutely adorable!

Here is another one for girls. It is available on Amazon.

The Secret Life of Pets Backpack for Boys

Theis The Secret Life of Pets backpack for boys is 16 inches and has two sipper compartments with two side mesh pockets.

Boys can also enjoy bringing their very own character backpack to school. This one features three of the male leads-Max, Duke and Mel, each one funny in his own special way.

Like the girls backpack, this one is 16 inches so it is perfect for boys in elementary school. It has the same adjustable, padded shoulder straps and two mesh side pockets. It reads “every Dog Has His Day” on the front zipper pocket, which is perfect for snacks, tissues and other smaller items your son needs to bring to school. It also has a larger zipper compartment for a lunch box, binders, folders and textbooks.

The Secret Life of Pets Lunch Box

This The Secret Life of Pets lunch box is a fun way to carry your midday meal to school. It has two kinds of straps so your child can choose which one to use.

This lunch box, as well as others, is available on Amazon

Ask a child what his or her favorite part of the school day is, and invariably s/he will say lunch and recess! The two go hand in hand.  Children will need to carry their lunch to school with something sturdy and fun to look at. This lunch box, which also has a matching backpack, comes with a large strap and a handle. so your child can choose how s/he wants to carry it. It has one big zipper compartment that will fit all of your child’s lunch necessities.

The Secret Life of Pets Clothing

This The Secret Life of Pets shirts, as well as an entire line of character clothing, is now avialble for your children's back to school wardrobe.

This adorable shirt, as well as many others, available at Kohl’s.

Another item, or items, on every back to school list is new clothing. You have to dress for successor your first day, as well as the others. And face it, your children do not fit into last year’s short sleeve shirts and pants-they grew! Kids love to dress in clothing that features their favorite movie and television characters. There is a compete line of boys and girls clothing and sleepwear available so your kids will look great.

These Secret Life of Pets back to school supplies will have your kids smiling as they walk into their classrooms on the first day.

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