Settling in to Your New Home

After all the stress and hassle of finding a new home and then actually moving into it there will come a point where the removals van is unloaded, all the furniture is in the correct location and all the boxes are unpacked. It is an exhausting process whether you are just moving a few streets away in the same town, moving to the other end of the country or relocating to an entirely different country and have had to compare self storage deals and place all your possession in storage.

There eventually comes a point where all you want to do is kick off your shoes and put your feet up. However, you should also give a thought for your new neighbours; it might be a worrying time for you as for most people they will not know their new neighbours when they move to a new house. But it can also be a worrying time for them as well because they do not know you. Maybe they got on really well with the previous owners and are already missing them and wondering what your family will be like as neighbours.

So it’s always worth making meeting the neighbours a priority because the longer you delay the harder it becomes to knock on the door of a stranger. So just get it done as early as possible when the neighbours may well be expecting you. If you have young children take them with you as they are always great at breaking the ice.

Once you’ve introduced yourself to immediate neighbours make sure you walk around the neighbourhood and greet people (it will make them smile!) or hang about doing the front garden – that’s always a good way to meet some locals. Unpacking the last of the boxes can always wait.

If you like entertaining, invite the neighbours in for coffee and cake or maybe even a glass of wine and nibbles. That way you can check them out (as they can check you out too) to see if they are the sorts of people who could become good friends or, at the very least, a familiar face who can take in packages when you are out.

If you are not the entertaining sort you can still chat over the garden fence – try asking their advice on good local restaurants, walks or activities for the kids; it’s not difficult to break the ice and the best time to do it is in the early days of your new home occupation. Find out if anyone nearby has children of a similar age – even teenagers sometimes like a break from their electronic gadgets and the chances are there will be someone nearby going to the same school. Maybe someone they could walk with, travel on the bus with or even share lifts.

Don’t Forget The Pets

And a last word for those who have pets – dogs are relatively easy to settle in (and can also help with the ice-breaking when out walking) but cats should be kept indoors for a while until they become familiar with their new surroundings. And remember, there was a good reason why you went through all the stress of moving house so now enjoy your new home!

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